Wayne Goss Brushes


Wayne Goss Brushes

When you hold Wayne Goss Brushes in your hands, you want to say hello to Hakuhodo, because they come from the same assembly line in Japan.

Description of Wayne Goss Brushes

Do you want to reveal a secret? You can easily order “your” personalized brushes in Japan at the same factory as Hakuhodo and be proud that you are the creator of the new Ekaterina Brashes brand. It’s funny for you, but I’m serious.

Therefore, there are more and more makeup artists who “release” and sell personalized brushes every day. But all the glory goes to those who are already popular and famous, like Wayne Goss.

He distinguished himself for his achievements on YouTube, where he gives, I must say, sensible advice and is useful for those who are afraid to pick up cosmetics. It’s not scary with him, but easy and simple. Millions fell in love with him for this, and he decided to repay them with his Japanese brainchild – Wayne Goss Brushes.

He has a lot of them: for the face, for the eyes, for working out individual details. In general, the range is huge, and the prices are quite adequate.


By the way, the price. The question is very important for us – ordinary consumers. As a rule, it depends on the pile, and only then on the quality of the pens.

Specifically, these brushes – 03, 04, 06 – are made of blue squirrel pile. Who is not in the subject, I explain that this is one of the most expensive and delicate pile! Therefore, the price of all brushes is quite justified. Compared to the Hakuhodo brushes, they have about the same price tag as Wayne Goss, even a little more expensive.

Wayne Goss Brushes

Left to right: 03, 06, 04

Go ahead – pens. Wayne Goss has them in one piece. Therefore, the chances that the handle will fall off after a year due to the glue that has dried inside is zero. And this happens with all brushes, the manufacturers of which do not know about the existence of Moment glue. By the way, more than once with his help I brought back the fallen off pen to life. Most of all, this is the fault of MAC brushes.

And lastly, the shape of the brushes. You know, I’m obsessed with the perfect shading, hence the desire: to order three brushes for shading the shadows at once.

Purpose of brushes

WAYNE GOSS Brush 03 ($ 32)

Eye makeup brush

The tapered, but wide enough tip allows you to work out the crease of the eyelid without obvious boundaries. The pile blends shadows perfectly and creates a slight haze.


WAYNE GOSS Brush 04 ($ 28)

Wayne Goss Brushes

A similar shape, but slightly smaller for more obvious shading, detailing the crease and outer corner of the eye.

The form

WAYNE GOSS Brush 06 ($ 25)

Wayne Goss Brushes

In shape, this is an analogue of the MAC 217 brush, only from a blue squirrel pile. Therefore, it is universal and you can do absolutely everything to it.

Do not even doubt its convenience and necessity. If you are familiar with feathering and superpigmented shadows that do not lend themselves to it, then brushes from this pile know all the ins and outs for solving this problem.

Wayne Goss Brushes

The only obstacle you have to overcome is to contact an intermediary. In my case, this is Qwintry. Through them I was able to redeem brushes from Beautylish.com, as this is the only place where the Wayne Goss brand is represented. And if we go to an intermediary, then grab a couple of other brands from this site, which I wrote about in the article “Cosmetics from America: what to bring”.

To conclude this review, let me remind you that you must own at least one Wayne Goss Brushes made of blue squirrel bristles. Then you will understand all the tenderness of the touch and the perfection of shading. Especially, this is important for those who are #you are a make-up artist.

What can you say about the Wayne Goss brushes and in general about the blue squirrel pile, do you have one or is it still in the plans?