26 August 2021

I want to tell you about the ZOEVA 229 Eye Finish Brush, which is needed by everyone, well, or almost everyone.

ZOEVA 229 Eye Finish Brush

Description ZOEVA 229 Eye Finish Brush.

To evaluate the quality of the ZOEVA 229 Eye Finish Brush, let’s see what category it belongs to. This is a duofiber brush with a taclon bristle. It is designed to work with both dry and creamy textures. It can be used to shade shadows in the crease of the eyelid, creating smooth transitions.

Country of origin: Germany

Brush Type: Blending Eyeshadow

Handle material: wood

Price: 800 rub.

General impression

Everyone knows ZOEVA as a budget brush brand. Even after the euro rate has risen, it is profitable on all fronts: a varied assortment, direct delivery to Russia, an affordable price.

A pen

By the way, I never cease to be amazed at the packaging! This is an amazing phenomenon for a budget brand. Each brush has its own cover. I thought that over time they would stop packing them like that, after all, additional expenses, but no …


ZOEVA 229 Eye Finish Brush is renowned for its shape and work in the crease of the eyelid. Its pile is designed for creamy textures.

Tactically relieves of abrupt transitions, takes the color to nowhere, dissolving it in your eyes. In general, shading with it, as you understand, is at its best.

When it comes to dry textures, a lot depends on the shadows you are working with. If the method of application is wet, then no question! If the texture of the eyeshadow is dense and closer to cream, then do not be afraid to walk it along the crease of the eyelid and see the result. In general, try different options.

ZOEVA 229 Eye Finish Brush

Do you need a duofiber eye brush

I prescribe it as a make-up artist as a cure for a headache diagnosed with “I don’t like shading creamy textures”. Fall in love with her. You will see.

I also recommend not to makeup artists.

ZOEVA 229 Eye Finish Brush

MAC Cosmetics has a similar brush, called MAC # 286 Duo Fiber Blending Brush and costs $ 32, unlike ZOEVA, whose cost does not exceed € 9.50. The difference in quality? No!

Do you need to summarize when it is too obvious? I think no.