27 August 2021

Acetone-free DNC nail polish remover

How often do you see reviews about products that you use almost every day, but do not attach importance to it? DNC nail polish remover without acetone is one of these, and I will tell you about it.

I don’t know about you, but for many years I have been looking for such a nail polish remover that would suit me in the following parameters:

  • no nightmare smell
  • does not provoke delamination of nails
  • quickly erasing varnish

I found those that washed well, but ruined nails; poorly washed, but with a type of useful composition. In general, there is always one of two things, not all at once.


The DNC brand has already appeared on my blog. Even then I wrote that I would buy all the products in order to experience their quality. So the turn came to nail polish removers.

How DNC “Sea Buckthorn” nail polish remover works

Eucalyptus and castor oils form a complex that softens the nails and creates an antifungal environment. A gentle, oil-rich product that strengthens and grows nails.

The result of using

Perfectly washable varnish, with a pleasant smell and not spoiling nails – all these qualities are stored in one glass jar called – DNC “Sea buckthorn” nail polish remover oil.

And as the owner of eternally exfoliating nails, I can only confirm the safety of using this liquid.

Acetone-free DNC nail polish remover

DNC nail polish remover Acetone-free proved to be ideal for washing any varnish, but provoking nail delamination … Therefore, the recommendation from the manufacturer “suitable for thin and fragile nails” sounds like a mockery.

As a result, I use it on those rare occasions when I need to erase a black resistant varnish. In the rest, I run for sea buckthorn oil.

Ingredients: ethyl acetate, fir and castor oil, perfume, water.

Acetone-free DNC nail polish remover

DNC is the case when “Made in Russia” is not always a bad thing. I noticed that all modern liquids do not wash varnish well, but in return give health to the nails. But it seems to me that nail polish remover cannot be expensive, what do you think? And what is your favorite liquid that meets all three parameters?