Caring cosmetics Caudalie – review, description, composition


Caudalie caring cosmetics makes too many promises, which ones, you will learn from the review.

Caring cosmetics Caudalie

This is my first Caudalie skincare product, so I will be as objective as possible. Still, it is difficult to write about a brand that you have been in love with for a long time and you know all its strengths and weaknesses. Here, I have no idea how well or how bad the tools work.

Caudalie Vinoperfect Serum Eclat Anti-Taches

Anti-age spots radiance serum

This product is considered a cult product. Caudalie prides itself on its one exceptional property: it removes age spots. They even dared to make such a loud statement as “the serum acts on all types of age spots.” Sounds great, doesn’t it?

What influences the clarification process? In the serum, the main role is played by viniferin, an ingredient that removes age spots.

The result of using serum

Caring cosmetics Caudalie

I will say this: age spots are a serious thing. Having appeared once, they are unlikely to want to disappear. With age, the situation worsens and then “Chip and Dale” rushes to the rescue in the form of Caudalie serum.

I don’t know what super-powers an emulsion should have to have such an obvious effect on age spots? – said my mother after the end of the serum.

It never got rid of her age spots. Moreover, nothing happened to them. The magic transformation with the result “before” and “after” did not happen … The serum does not work. The promises were empty.

Makeup remover oil Caudalie Huile de Soin Démaquillante

Caring cosmetics Caudalie


A complex of nourishing vegetable oils can be found in the makeup remover oil, which is 100% natural ingredients.

Promises to effectively remove any type of makeup, read, waterproof.

Designed for quick makeup removal without the use of cotton pads. On contact with water, the oil turns into milk and does not leave a greasy film.

The result of using Caudalie

My favorite tone – Lancome Teint Miracle – does not wash off the oil, and if we consider that it does not belong to waterproof products, the oil did not cope with its task. The remnants of smeared mascara under the eyes also “delighted” me with their presence, with which the oil did nothing. And how is this to be understood?

Yes, the oil has a pleasant and comfortable texture. It rinses off perfectly with water without leaving the feeling of a greasy film on the face. And then what? Where is the claimed makeup removal without the panda effect?


Maybe it’s meant to get rid of city dust, not makeup? Then they shouldn’t have said otherwise. But since they said, you get my categorical “no”.

Caudalie caring cosmetics caused controversy. I expected much more, but did not even get what the manufacturer said. Therefore, I recommend buying funds with caution after reading reviews.