27 August 2021

“Confusion” is the feeling that Clarins makeup base gave me. How often do you experience something like this when you try a new remedy? Recently, I have become increasingly frustrated when it comes to products such as …

Clarins Lisse Minute Concentre Comblant Anti-Rides Makeup Base

A concentrate that smoothes the surface of the skin and smoothes wrinkles – this is what the description for the base says.

It comes in a pencil format, which makes the packaging compact and easy to use.

Inside contains a product enriched with Dermaxyl® complex – a peptide that repairs wrinkles. Therefore, the pencil format plays an important role, where the tip allows targeted application of the product directly to the wrinkle.

Clarins Makeup Base

I have not yet met such an indifferent and indifferent product to my wrinkles. A layer of incomprehensible consistency, which should at least do something ?!

Me: look, this is the surface of the skin, there are mimic wrinkles, you need to come here!

Clarins: (silent)

  Lisse Minute Concentre Comblant Anti-Rides

It is unlikely that you will be interested in hearing what color the base is, the subtleties of the application process, whether the texture is pleasant – all this is no longer important. The base is not working!

Clarins Lisse Minute Base Comblante Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch

Clarins Makeup Base

Clarins Makeup Base promises to instantly improve complexion with an active complex that prepares the dermis for other corrective products.

Clarins Makeup Base Features:

  • Conceals minor skin imperfections, masks wrinkles, redness and signs of fatigue.
  • The product has a pale pink tint, has an unobtrusive aroma.

Unlike the previous remedy, she knows what to do. True, no one promises us an instant result in the form of smoothed wrinkles.

Therefore, with it you will experience the feeling of even and smooth skin, which will give you pure evil – silicone (many people think so). Plus a feeling of comfort, because the base has a matting effect.

Owners of dry skin, be on the lookout, otherwise peeling will only be happy to make itself known.

Clarins Makeup BaseClarins Makeup Base

Otherwise, it works great! True, such creamy bases tend to damage the skin in the form of clogged pores. Therefore, beware of the owners of sensitive, prone to such processes, skin.

Something like this looks like the perplexity of an ordinary user who made the wrong choice and told you about it)!