Compact blush Pupa Soft & Wild Blush


Compact blush Pupa Soft & Wild Blush

I present to your attention the new collection Pupa Soft & Wild Collection Fall Winter 2015, where the main role was played by the compact blush Pupa Soft & Wild Blush in 001 Pink Animalier.

Collection description

Autumn limited collection Pupa “Soft & Wild” from English. – soft and wild – dedicated to the exquisite elegance of the 50s. last century. Light and delicate details with a vintage shade are harmoniously combined with animalistic elements.

Pupa is taking up this trend with the Soft & Wild make-up collection for women who love sophisticated romantic looks with a modern “aggressive” touch.

Soft pinks combine with bolder fuchsia to bring a collection to life with a soft, wild start.

Blush – porthole Pupa Soft & Wild Blush

Pupa Soft & Wild Blush tricolor in Pink Animalier with leopard print combines soft pinks, hot pinks and golds. Packaged in a leopard-print gold case.



Compact blush Pupa Soft & Wild Blush

The combination of 3 shades at once makes them both delicate and bright.

Leopard print allows you to mix three colors at once without any extra effort; the one that is golden – is responsible for the word “porthole”.

Compact blush Pupa Soft & Wild Blush

The intensity of Pupa Soft & Wild Blush compacts depends not only on the method of application, but also on the so-called underlay.

You may have noticed how dry blush behaves on foundation and they are on powder. In the first case, you increase not only their durability, but also the color saturation. And in the second, you will see a subtle shade with the least guarantee that the blush will last all day. Try both to get a feel for the difference.


According to the characteristics of the compact blush Pupa Soft & Wild Blush:

  • do not generate dust
  • silky
  • pigmented
  • unique shade
  • satin texture

Output: Once again, Pupa came out with successful new items with an interesting presentation and color scheme. Next time we will discuss varnishes and lipsticks from the same collection.