27 August 2021


Show you how coral “works” in eye makeup with the Lime Crime Venus – The Grunge Palette? I have already!

Coral color in eye makeup is the case when you are tired of brown eyeshadows, and you don’t want to change the colors drastically. Then the coral color rushes to the rescue.

In 2016, we are not experiencing a shortage of this shade. Now he is at the peak of popularity, which I recommend to replenish cosmetic stocks for them, so as not to bite your elbows later. What if he disappears from store shelves, who knows – these brands of cosmetics …

Coral color in eye makeup

Coral color in eye makeup must be diluted with contrasting colors. Otherwise, you are threatened with the effect of a tired look, because when shading, coral shadows go into a subtle pink tint.

In my case, the black eyeliner served as a contrasting color, which I painted with Make up Store Cake Eyeliner. I didn’t make a wide and long arrow like here, I didn’t want to distract attention from the shadows.

How to do coral eye makeup

Coral color in eye makeup

If there are blue-eyed among you, then this option is yours!

Remember our conversation about eye shadow color and eye color? I have remained with my opinion and am not going to change it in the coming years. But. There are colors that enhance the color of the eyes, adding depth and expressiveness to them. For example – red, pink, dark brown, coral … All of them will enhance the depth of the blue eyes.

But the main thing is that coral shadows should not be too light and inconspicuous. They require high color output. These are the ones I found in the Lime Crime Venus – The Grunge Palette.

I decided to show the second makeup option with the addition of Tammy Tanuka SIGIL inspired pigment – Sister of the Rainbow Dragon.

Coral color in eye makeup

In my opinion, the “dragon sister” was a success! What are these overflows … With the help of a fluffy brush, I carefully laid out the color in the inner corner of the eye. This ended the change of image.