Electric roller file Scholl Velvet Smooth

With the introduction of the Scholl Velvet Smooth electric roller saw, the world has gone crazy! What caused this insanity? Find out now!

What is Scholl Velvet Smooth

Electric roller file Scholl Velvet Smooth

The Scholl Velvet Smooth electric roller file promises to keep pedicure to a minimum. Its goal is to remove rough skin from the heels without traumatizing the skin of the feet or cracking.

How to use an electric roller file

Electric roller file

Scholl Velvet Smooth does not require prior softening of the legs or the use of special products. It is enough to run it over the surface of dry skin of the feet and the pedicure is ready! Getting carried away with the process – treating one area for more than 4 seconds – is not recommended, you can damage the skin.

Contraindications: it is forbidden to use for people with diabetes.

Reasons why Scholl Velvet Smooth is preferred over traditional pedicure

Electric roller file Scholl Velvet Smooth

1. Desire to save money

When you shell out a tidy sum to keep your little finger neat and groomed than all your toes this summer, no problem. You are delighted to consider your pedicure on the beach. But closer to winter, no one sees your little finger, and that’s when you start thinking about how to save money on a pedicure …

2. “I am everything myself”

How often do you say this phrase to yourself? The feeling of independence immediately arises when you take Scholl in your hands. And no “do you want coffee or tea?” He sat down on a chair and began to scald his heels.

Cons of using Scholl Velvet Smooth

1. If you suffer for a long time, something will work out

Of course, you won’t have to suffer, but patience will not be superfluous! It should be enough for both legs. The main thing here is not to freak out, otherwise your pedicure is doomed to failure. It will take 15-20 minutes for one leg, so be prepared to spend 40 minutes.

2. Dust

I almost forgot to say that this type of pedicure is prohibited for allergy sufferers and simply sensitive people. There will be so much dust that it will begin to seep through the door cracks. Well, maybe I’m exaggerating a little, but it really will. So buy a mask and do your “mechanical” pedicure with it.

The result of using

Electric roller file

We get smooth heels, but not the same as after a trim pedicure, and not as long as we would like. But he is.

Use this article as instructions for use! Few write about the excruciatingly long process and the dust that will have to endure.

You can live without an electric file, and some even need it, who like an edged pedicure with a cup of coffee in hand without buzzing over the ear.

What about “Scholl Velvet Smooth”? Have you experienced the same thing or have you become imbued with the device?

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