27 August 2021

Eye Makeup Brushes ZOEVA

ZOEVA synthetic bristle eye makeup brushes are one of my favorite lines and here’s why …

Remember, if you have at least one jar of cream eyeshadow, they need a taclon bristle brush! By using a natural bristle brush, you slowly kill hairs that will no longer work after a couple of weeks.

And then ZOEVA eye makeup brushes come to the rescue. This is a great budget brush that both a beginner and a makeup artist can afford. With their help, you can work with absolutely any kind of textures, without fear of damage to the pile.

So I use them for shading matte lipstick, tints, eyeshadows – in general, everything that belongs to persistent products in cream and liquid form.

Eye Makeup Brushes ZOEVA

Description of ZOEVA eye makeup brushes

I bought three brushes with the most different shapes:

  • Zoeva 226 Smudger Eye brush is a brush with very short and flat synthetic bristles. Very densely packed, ideal for crisp distribution of eyeshadow along the lash line, stretching color and blending cream products.
  • Zoeva 227v Soft Definer Vegan Brush is a taklon bristle brush suitable for creating smooth color transitions for even distribution and blending of shadows.
  • Zoeva 235 Contour Shader Eye Brush



The bristles of the brushes do not stain and lend themselves to complete cleaning even after highly pigmented products.

Brushes dry quickly and do not prick. The pile does not come up either during washing or during use.



The firmness of the bristles is an important parameter that you should pay attention to when purchasing synthetic brushes. It depends on it, so high-quality will be the shading of cream textures with the most smooth stretch of color.

When the nap of the brush is loose, the liquid textures are “smeared” over the eyelid. And then control over the work surface is lost. And if the pile is too densely typed, then the textures do not lend themselves to smooth shading. Therefore, the ideal option is medium elasticity. How can I check this? Take a brush, place it on your hand, press down and see how the pile will behave.

Eye Makeup Brushes ZOEVA

Price: 7.80 €

I have nothing more to add. I consider ZOEVA eye makeup brushes a successful addition to my collection of brushes. I am sure that I will use them for a very long time.