First lawsuit in the beauty blogosphere: court decision


That’s all. There had to be 5 hearings before the judge announced his decision. It happened yesterday.

We (me and the lawyer) won the case. In addition to moral compensation, all products with my image must be seized.

Therefore, if in the new 2016 you see these funds with my image on the package, we will have every reason to sue them for non-compliance with the court decision of 12/08/2015

First lawsuit in the beauty blogosphere

Who wants to remember the essence of this case, you here

And now I want to say thank you! I am sincerely grateful to you for the support you have given me. You worried about the outcome of the case, worried about what was happening, asked about the results and waited with me for the end of the trial!

You were the one who informed me of this incident, recognizing me on the cover, and thanks to you, a year ago I made the decision to start a trial!

I love everyone and sincerely wish that one day you do not see your face on the packaging, simply because “it is in the public domain on the Internet; that supposedly half of the face is not the whole face ”- these are the arguments made by the lawyer Floresan.

Be healthy and stay away from Floresan “Antikuperoz” products!