27 August 2021

GlamourBag # 1 January

Let’s go without prefaces and unnecessary words. So everything is clear from the name – on the air a review of the box GlamourBag # 1 January.

Olay Regenerist Luminous Skin Tone Enhancing Serum

GlamourBag # 1 January

Tell me which of the serums really whiten you, depriving you of age spots, give elasticity to the skin, in general, a solid “the best”, and not a serum. This one promises to do everything, but only my mother can appreciate her action. Do you hear mom? She’s already yours.

Vilenta Hyaluronic acid PRO body milk

GlamourBag # 1 January

Body milk with a bunch of algae, gilurinoic acid, all this in a complex promises to work for the beauty of your body. Check it out?

“Embrace of Tenderness” Hand Cream with Shea Butter

GlamourBag # 1 January

What hand care without hand cream. The budget option is sometimes no worse than a pharmacy brand, and sometimes I do not feel the difference between luxury creams. And you? You feel when on your handles cream for 200 rubles. and for 1000 rubles? Honestly.

Gliss kur Million Gloss hair oil


Not a single hair oil has stuck in my life. They really like to create the effect of slightly oily hair, but I honestly don’t. I think my problem is thin, but thick hair, when one drop of oil makes itself felt. What about you?

Mascara Vivienne sabo Cabaret


I have already tried Cabaret mascara. Yes, it separates coolly, lengthens a little, but without volume. The consistency of the mascara is too runny, which sticks some lashes together. The problem will be solved for a couple of months (I think so), when it dries up a little and stops behaving this way.

Vilenta “Ginger” face cream mask


The sheet mask is one of the most popular gadgets of 2015, which has been littered with all Instagram with happy pugs taking selfies in them. I did not have such a desire, but the quick effect suits me when the model’s skin is so dehydrated that nothing helps except a cloth mask.

Nivea Creme Universal Moisturizer

GlamourBag # 1 January

I have been using Nivea cream that day, and I really like the result. But the process is notT: very dense consistency, absorbed for a long time, difficult to distribute. Therefore, I use it only before bed.


And again the book, the same one as in Glambox with the correspondence of lovers.

Filling GlamourBag # 1 January, to be honest, I liked it better than Allurbox. I use most of the products every day and therefore they quickly run out. Hence the following conclusion.

So this time I have no complaints about the composition of GlamourBag # 1 January)!