27 August 2021

Package Not everyone appreciated the first release of G lamourBag from Allure sample Society, like, this is a mass market – I want to, I will buy it myself, but I did not have enough of it. What about GlamourBag October # 2 box?

GlamourBag October # 2GlamourBag October # 2
Eyeliner Art Visage Black Abyss 702

GlamourBag October # 2

I heard about him. They say only good things, write the most positive things. Blacker than black, durability goes off scale, and the price makes you look down on those who buy expensive pencils and do not get 1/3 of the quality of Art-visage. I can’t believe it, so I need to check it out.

Price: 145 RUR

Mascara Gurmandiz cosmetics Non Stop Volume GlamourBag October # 2

“This is not the case when the ‘cheap’ behaves as it should be,” say active users of Gourmet mascara. Well, let’s see … To please me, she will have to try!)

Price: 178r

DIZAO Organics Lip Balm


Some talk about the naturalness of the composition, others claim that it is 100% organic. But in the end, everyone is happy. It will take me a while to assess her behavior in different weather conditions. Maybe hit the road to Siberia?)

Price: 250 rub

Antiperspirant deodorant Dove Powder soft Tenderness

GlamourBag October # 2
Deodarant-powder – have you heard of this? The main thing is not to confuse the armpits with the face and everything will be ok)! But seriously, I even wanted to write a review about it, although such articles are taboo for me on the blog.

Price: 111 RUR

Hair Reconstructor Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor

GlamourBag October # 2
The legendary reenactor, which in fact may turn out to be the most common hair balm. I have heard this more than once from my girls friends. Maybe this story is from the category of “5 popular foods that they hate”?

Price: 554r

Revitalizing Lip Balm Eva Mosaic with mango scent Balm

The usual lip balm, the cost of which makes me more than indulgent. I don’t understand any more lip balms over 1000 rubles! With them I feel like such a bore, “it’s not so, it’s not so, and in general, it’s expensive!”

Price: 233 RUR

Foundation Avon Bright start “Charge of freshness” SPF 15 GlamourBag October # 2

The last time I used Avon foundation was in high school. I remember the terrible shine on my face and the questioning look of my dad: “Have you smeared your face with oil?”

I don’t know about the “charge of freshness,” but I can test it and write a review for you. Want to?

Price: RUB 319

Washing mousse Biore GlamourBag October # 2

Oh Great Biore! Everyone who fumbles about leaving knows him, and if you don’t know, then don’t fumble). I’m kidding all the jokes, but seriously, the mousse won the Allure award as the best face care product. I will write a separate review about him, at the same time we will see if this is a well-deserved reward ?!

Price: 640 RUR

Garnier Body Scrub Precious Beauty Scrub

I love body scrubs. After them you feel like a goddess of beauty. Feeling of soft and delicate skin. Here are just the difference between expensive and not very much I do not feel. They all work about equally well. Don’t you think so?

Price: 266 rub

And finally, make-up remover wipes Biore

GlamourBag October # 2
I don’t really like napkins and it’s not about the brand. Rather, in the sensations that remain after … But I must try, suddenly these sensations disappear and I can no longer live without Biore?


Price Glamor bag = 750r

Price of all products = 2696

GlamourBag October # 2
Let me remind you that there are no thumbnails in GlamourBag October # 2. Full size products only. This is some kind of compensation for the price of the mass market. You won’t allow yourself with a suite. The price of the box will turn out to be high, and those who initially choose a similar service want to save money. So, you have to choose: deluxe and miniatures, mass market and full-size versions. What do you choose?