How to trim eyebrows with scissors – step by step tutorial


Some wonder how to trim their eyebrows with scissors, while others underestimate eyebrow trimming. If you are one or the other, then this post will answer all questions at once!

What you need to trim your eyebrows

  • Eyebrow brush
  • Special eyebrow scissors
  • No fear that you might ruin everything

At the second point, we will stop to realize the existence of eyebrow scissors. Yes, there are such and yes, they are used for their intended purpose.


Specifically, my scissors are made in Japan, which automatically guarantees the quality!

How to trim your eyebrows with scissors

The scissors are made of stainless steel, and their rounded shape allows you not to get hurt while cutting.


How to trim your eyebrows with scissors

  • Brush your eyebrows up with the mascara brush without fear of ruffling
  • We are interested in the longest hairs that stand out from the row. We have to cut them off
  • Do the same with the combed down eyebrows and remove the protruding hairs. True, this item is at your discretion, I skipped it.

How to trim your eyebrows with scissors

What is the danger of cutting eyebrows with scissors

  • Cut hairs grow very long and slowly, so one hesitant movement and your eyebrows will get stuck in a state of complete depression.
  • It is not always worth cutting your eyebrows according to the rules and cutting off all the hairs that stand out from the general row. Sometimes you need to cut off the excess only on the tail of the eyebrow, and sometimes at its base, or even abandon this idea altogether. So, before proceeding, take a close look and decide where it is worth removing the really unnecessary, and not at the same time.
  • If you have sparse hairs, this does not mean that your eyebrows do not need a haircut. Most often, it is these hairs (thin and long) that affect the shape of the eyebrows. And my case is proof of this.

How to trim your eyebrows with scissors

Agree, the eyebrows began to look thicker, and their shape is more accurate. This is our goal!

Are you ready to trim your eyebrows with scissors?