27 August 2021

international makeup artist NARS

Last week we met with Anya Pryadka, who, as you can see from the title of the article, is the leading international makeup artist of the Nars brand.

For several years now, Anya has been proving her level of skill at various fashion weeks in London and collaborating with famous glossy magazines!

international makeup artist NARS

Well, are you ready to hear Anna’s answers to my difficult questions?

– How do you see the Nars brand in 50 years?

– I think that despite the changes in the texture and formula of the products themselves, which will occur over time, the Nars brand will remain recognizable. It has been 20 years since the brand appeared, and it is still recognizable thanks to innovative tools and an extraordinary approach to their creation.

– What is the difference between Russian makeup and British girls?

– There are no fundamental differences between the makeup of Russian and British girls due to the influence of the Internet and the ability to watch educational videos from all over the world. But there is one distinguishing feature – bronzing blush. We love them very much!

Russian girls are careful with sculpting products and bronzers; the British quite actively use bronzer as a sculpting product, without fear of overdoing it with application.

What are your three favorite Nars products?

– The Multiple – Copacabana, the ultimate make-up for skin highlighting

Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer, which I love to use as a concealer, highlighter and foundation.

The Velvet Shadow Stick, due to its long-wearing and creamy texture, can be used as a base under the eyeshadow or as a stand-alone product, which makes it a multi-tool.

international makeup artist NARS

– What’s your favorite makeup option?

– All variants of Smoky eyes: from soft and delicate to jet black with the study of the growth of the lash line.


– Do you plan to launch a line of products for Nars PRO makeup artists?

– Yes, the brand has been developing a line of Pro-products for several years now, and now we are at the stage of developing some of them.

About Cosmetics

– Does a makeup artist have to graduate from makeup school?

– On the one hand, having a diploma is a kind of guarantee for the employer that you possess certain skills. On the other hand, schools do not always provide the level of knowledge you expected, even if you paid a considerable amount of money.

The best way is to become an assistant with a famous makeup artist. But if this is not possible, then you can go to work in a cosmetic store or learn from your own mistakes.

international makeup artist NARS

– The first purchase of a girl who does not know the Nars brand should be …

-… blush, because the choice of shades, their pigmentation and quality give every right to be considered the best product of the brand.


Or The Multiple, which can be applied to eyelids, lips, cheeks. By the way, Nars was the first to come up with this multi-tool back in 1996, the formula of which has not changed since then, only the shades have changed.


– What are the two best Nars products for oily and dry skin?

– For oily skin: Long lasting foundation that gives the skin a radiance – Nars All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation. Its peculiarity is a weightless texture with high hiding power.

As a base for make-up: a primer for oily and problem skin – Nars Pore Refining Primer – Oil Free.

international makeup artist NARS

For dry skin: Nars Luminous Moisture Cream and Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer SPF 30


– Nars Soft Velvet Loose Powder won the Makeup category at the Allure Best of Beauty award. How do you think why?

– Powder has an incredible ability – to create the effect of velvety “photoshopped” skin. It perfectly mattifies the skin, but at the same time retains a slight radiance, which is quite unusual for a product such as powder.


– What is the uniqueness of the “NARS Steven Klein Holiday Collection”?

– This is not an easy collection with basic products from new shades. For her, completely new limited textures were specially created, which makes the collection unique in every sense.

international makeup artist NARS

And finally, a quick survey:

– Arrows or Smokey?

– Smokey

– Matte or pearlescent shadows?

– Matte

– Natural or synthetic brush?

– Natural

– Color: Dolche Vite or Orgazm

– Orgazm

– Cream or dry highlighter

– Cream

– Glitter or Lipstick?

– Lipstick

– Primer or face cream?

– Cream

I hope you enjoyed the interview and are ready to discuss the answers of NARS international makeup artist Anna Pryadka in the comments: what do you agree on and what do you disagree with?