Makeup sponge Manly Pro – review and photo


Makeup sponge Manly Pro

I’m waiting. I’m waiting for a cartoon about our “beauty” testicles to appear! And what? Why are they worse than SpongeBob? Their figure is much more interesting, and the character is more abrupt! And most importantly, they are all different, because each brand is trying to bring something of its own, unique. One of the last to do this is the Manly Pro makeup sponge.

All sponges have the same packaging. But to be honest, I don’t care, the main thing is to keep it convenient.


But the shape of the Manly Pro makeup sponge was changed, making one of the sides flat.

This is really handy when you need to quickly apply foundation. With BeautyBlender, you have to “walk” from one part of the face to another, so as not to miss the unpainted area. For this reason, I do not use it when time is running out.

Makeup sponge Manly Pro

The Manly Pro Makeup Sponge also doubles in size after you wet it. True, you have to squeeze harder and wait until it takes back the shape of an egg. This is due to the finely porous material.

Makeup sponge Manly Pro

And here are the differences between the Manly Pro sponge and Beautyblender:

  • material
  • the form
  • price

By the way, Manly is 3 times cheaper. But does this affect the result? I did not see a radical difference, except that Manly gives a denser coverage. Also, both are difficult to wash and absorb a decent amount of tone.


I’m afraid a foreign friend in today’s course will have to step aside and give others a chance. Moreover, Manly pro was opened in St. Petersburg. In general, this is an “anti-crisis” beauty blender, and you decide for yourself whether you need it or not.

What do you think? Or do you still prefer foundation brushes?