27 August 2021

Manly Pro Eyebrow Gel Liner & Tint

Eyebrow makeup and classic arrows will never go out of style. Yes, they will transform, but their presence will be eternal until UFOs visit our planet and talk about their provision of beauty. In the meantime, we will paint them, trying new products, for example, the gel eyeliner and the Manly Pro eyebrow tint.

Manly Pro Gel Eyeliner

I never saw the point of overpaying for a gel eyeliner. All have the same consistency, guaranteed durability and rich color – I thought so until I was sent to review the Manly Pro Gel Eyeliner.

Manly Pro Eyebrow Gel Liner & Tint

After I opened the jar of gel eyeliner, I was surprised by the dry, non-plastic texture. This usually happens when the eyeliner is 2-3 months old and it starts to dry out. Here we didn’t have to wait even two months. You could think of a damaged package that violated the storage conditions, but as you can see, everything is in order with it.


However, the eyeliner does not interfere with drawing the arrows. But the brush should be with a very densely typed bristle, otherwise instead of clear lines you will get a dry daub. The brush will start painting every other time, leaving gaps instead of a straight, solid line.

Manly Pro Eyebrow Gel Liner & Tint

I was disappointed with the product, as I did not expect a “not fresh” result from a fresh eyeliner.

Manly PRO Brow Tint

The brand considers this product to be the best and for good reason! With one click, you get exactly as much tint as you need for two eyebrows.

Manly PRO Brow Tint

  • The consistency of the tint is ideal in all respects: neither liquid nor thick.

Suitable for a certain type of eyebrow that needs to color-fill the skin in order to draw a shape from scratch. I have just such as you remember from my past lessons.


The only drawback is quick fixation. If you are just learning to draw your own eyebrows without having certain skills, then it may be difficult for you to correct your mistakes with an eyeliner like this.

Oh yeah, be careful with your color choices. On the hand, it can look like that gray-brown shade, and when shaded, it can go into a warm red undertone. Therefore, choose a swatch tint, which must be shaded thoroughly. Moreover, their palette contains both cold and warm undertones in the amount of nine pieces.

The Manly Pro eyeliner and eyebrow tint did not meet my expectations by 100%, which are considered the bestsellers of the brand. Nevertheless, the tint managed to distract me from the eyeliner. I definitely do not recommend it for purchase for the reason that I wrote about above.