Mineral cosmetics KM Cosmetics and makeup brushes


Mineral cosmetics KM Cosmetics

Kristall Minerals Cosmetics aka KM Cosmetics is of great interest to eco-bloggers. Yes, there are adherents of exclusively natural cosmetics without the use of synthetic dyes, preservatives and other artificial additives. This is exactly how the KM Cosmetics brand has established itself.

I have always been skeptical about “Made in Russia” brands. I don’t know why, but the illusion that somewhere abroad they are doing better than ours has always existed! Maybe today will come that momentous day when “there” will no longer seem better?

Features of the KM Cosmetics brand

KM Cosmetics have chosen a narrow but popular niche – mineral cosmetics. All products are composed of refined and crushed minerals mixed with inorganic pigments. And it seems they appeared at the right time.

It is more fashionable than ever to think about your skin: does it breathe under a layer of makeup, is everything good during the day, does the composition harm it …

Therefore, I chose the basic KM Cosmetics products that could answer all these questions for me:

  • Mineral foundation
  • Matte blush

Mineral cosmetics KM Cosmetics

Mineral cosmetics KM Cosmetics

Mineral Foundation KM Cosmetics Matte # PL2 (SPF15)

The mineral foundation is responsible for a matte finish that promises to last all day long.

Weight: 8g

Ingredients: mica, titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, white clay, zinc stearate, iron oxides, ultramarines, allantoin

Mineral Foundation KM Cosmetics Matt

I selected the shade online and surprisingly was not mistaken. Online shopping experience made itself felt!

The base has an airy texture that remains invisible when applied to the skin. The weightless coating makes you believe that the skin is actually breathing underneath.

Mineral Foundation KM Cosmetics Matt

The powder has a very low level of masking, which I do not recommend considering it as a substitute for foundation. Those who are used to dense coverage will be puzzled by the transparency of the layer.

What I saw in the photo is quite enough for me. In life, I prefer just such a coating that would not betray the presence of cosmetics on the face.

On the left “before”, on the right “after” the application of mineral powder.

Mineral Foundation KM Cosmetics Matt

Mineral shadows KM Cosmetics

Satin Mineral Eye Shadow has a soft, weightless texture that won’t irritate or dry skin all day.

Weight: 1.5g

Composition: INCI: mica (Mica CI 77019), magnesium stearate (Magnesium Stearate), zinc stearate (Zinc Stearate), boron nitride (Boron Nitride) + – iron oxides (Iron Oxide CI 77491, CI 77492, CI 77499), ultramarines ( Ultramarine Blue CI 77007), CI 77288 (shade ES213 contains Titanium Dioxide CI 77891)

Mineral shadows

The manufacturer assures that the eyeshadows have a sufficient amount of pigment. I want to argue this point. Eyeshadow requires a primer, which is responsible not only for the durability of eye makeup, but also for enhancing the color. Otherwise, trouble, trouble, not shadows.

Mineral shadows KM Cosmetics

Only when using the base under the shadow did I manage to achieve the result, as in the photo below.

Mineral shadows

As for the texture, it is the most common, like all loose shadows. I lacked the pigmentation and firmness. Perhaps this applies to all mineral shadows, what do you say?

Mineral blush Kristall Minerals Cosmetics Matte # B102

Matte blush leaves a light matte shade of natural blush on the skin without shine and shimmer.

Weight: 4g

Ingredients: INCI: mica (Mica CI 77019), titanium dioxide (Titanium Dioxide CI 77891), zinc stearate (Zinc Stearate), magnesium stearate (Magnesium Stearate), allantoin (Allantoin), + – iron oxides (Iron Oxide CI 77491, CI 77492), ultramarines (Ultramarine Blue CI 77007)

Mineral blush Kristall Minerals Cosmetics

Perhaps this is one of the most natural shades of blush that I have ever seen. I definitely recommend it to those who live in the eternal fear of painted cheekbones. With them it will be impossible to look unnatural, since the color looks noble and unobtrusive.

Mineral blush Kristall Minerals Cosmetics

See how healthy your complexion looks thanks to the weightless and light texture of the blush.

Mineral blush

And everything would be fine if the blush did not disappear. At the end of the working day, I asked myself: where are they? The answer is silence.

Considering that I have a dry skin type, they should at least last until the evening. Therefore, I take back my “recommend” until the brand changes its resistance parameter for the better.

Mineral blush Kristall Minerals Cosmetics

Mineral makeup brushes – Kristall Minerals Cosmetics

Mineral Foundation Kabuki Brush

This is a densely packed soft synthetic bristle brush. Its task is to apply a mineral base or base.

The densely packed synthetic material of the brush prevents the product from clogging up in the pile, and its wide surface increases the speed of distribution of the base and provides an even coverage.

Mineral makeup brushes - Kristall Minerals Cosmetics

The most common eyeshadow brush is flat with an elastic bristle. I like to use it more for creamy textures than for dry ones. The quality is the same as that of the first brush: densely typed pile, delicate hairs, does not prick, does not climb.

Mineral makeup brushes


This is my first acquaintance with the KM Cosmetics brand. I consider it quite successful, despite the disadvantages that I managed to find. They can be corrected by using ancillary products, which is already a good thing. Now I want to know more about other brands of mineral cosmetics, so that I can know them in comparison.

How do you feel about mineral cosmetics?