27 August 2021

RMK Translucent Face Powder

None of us wants everyone to see powder on our face. And it seems possible if you know about the existence of her – the transparent powder RMK Translucent Face Powder.

What is RMK Translucent Face Powder for?

RMK Translucent Face Powder is a light fixing powder that controls the sebaceous glands and removes oily sheen.

Featuring W Snow Leaf Powder technology and soft focus acrylic powder, this formula creates a soft veil with a touch-up effect on the skin.

Light scattering particles help reduce the appearance of imperfections and pigmentation.

A large number of moisturizing ingredients help to even out the moisture balance and give the skin elasticity

A wide range of shades allows you to create coatings with a transparent or pearlescent effect.

We have decided on the concept, now let’s move on to the description of RMK Translucent Face Powder

RMK Translucent Face Powder

Powder volume: 8g

RMK Translucent Face Powder

Color: 01


There are 4 shades in total, among which there is absolutely transparent, but even # 01 I would classify as a translucent shade with a subtle undertone.


On the flip side, it’s not just the Japanese language, as the powder is from Japan itself.


The packaging is very simple but practical.

RMK Translucent Face Powder

To be honest, I do not use a puff, and I apply the powder only with a brush and on specific areas of the face.

Overall impression of the powder

The powder has such a fine grind that it is not felt on the skin either during application or throughout the day.


It perfectly mattifies the skin, but at the same time it does not “sink” into the pores, does not accentuate wrinkles and all that other powders like to do so much.

The texture is so soft, mind you, this is the first time I use the word “soft” for a texture that I want to touch it over and over again …

RMK Translucent Face Powder

The difference between RMK and others like it is that it lacks the “chalky” effect on the skin, which gives MAC Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder or Make Up For Ever HD Microfinish Powder.

Another significant difference: RMK with a slight shimmering effect. But not by the fact that it shines or shimmers, no, forget about it, but so that the skin looks polished!

As for the shortcomings, with all my desire, I did not find them, or rather did not see them. Therefore, I confirm the quality of RMK Translucent Face Powder.

What kind of transparent face powder do you use?