Rohto Chu Lip balm – review and photo


Rohto Chu Lip Balm

Rohto Chu Lip balm is very often compared to the American version of EOS balm, the review of which you can read here. What makes them different, you will learn from the review.

Rohto Chu Lip balm is the Japanese version of the testicle.

They decided to cheat and try their luck by creating their own version of “EOS-ika” with minor changes that you should try to find …

Rohto Chu Lip Balm

Differences between Rohto Chu Lip balm and EOS

They even made the insides exactly the same to replicate the success of the EOS balms.

And only the smell was changed – the scent of lemon to the smell of a deliciously smelling handle, remember those? Although the description says about the berry aroma of raspberry, peach and vanilla.

Another difference between Rohto Chu Lip and EOS is in texture: it is more sticky and oily.

In total, there are 6 balms in the line, the difference in which is in the color of the package and the aroma:

  • Pink balm “Paris, Perfect Memories” – berry aroma of raspberry, peach and vanilla
  • Coral “NY, Brillant My Way” – fruity aromas of apple, ginger and tea rose
  • Yellow “Tokyo, Mode Night” – the smell of honey, tea with lemon and bergamot
  • Light green “Nordic, Fancy Nostalgia” – refreshing aroma of orange, lime and mango
  • Blue “Waikiki, Hello Paradise” – transparent scent of mint and sweet vanilla
  • Purple “Arabian, Floral Shower” – floral scent of rose, geranium and carnation

Ingredients: Olive oil, squalane, Australian walnut oil, hydrogenated avocado oil, beeswax, petroleum jelly, candelilla wax, microcrystalline wax, palm oil, aloe vera extract, carnauba wax, synthetic wax, flavor, menthol, rosehip oil.

Rohto Chu Lip Balm

All that EOS Rohto Chu Lip balm excels at is persistence. Yes, it is more hardy, which is why it retains its effect after a couple of hours. But just like EOS is not capable of serious impact, as Carmex does.

I don’t know how valuable this balm is to order it from Japan itself, since I didn’t find anything unique in it, but if you put it in the basket “at the same time” with something else, then let it be.

And since we started talking about uniqueness, what difference do you notice between balms of different brands and is there any difference for you at all?