27 August 2021

Eye makeup for February 14

Here’s my valentine! And no secret notes, hints and confessions are needed. Everything you want to say has already been said by your eye). This is how I see makeup on February 14th.

Give me back my school days, when a little note could turn my world around. Let it be for one day, where feelings reached their climax, and the recognition “let’s meet!” made me shiver …

In the adult world, everything is somehow different and more complicated, although the meaning is still the same “let’s be together”. Well, that’s me … not all the same talk about shadows and brushes. Moreover, the topic, you know, disposes to talk).

Unusual makeup idea for February 14

Eye makeup for February 14

Though let’s go back to eye makeup and discuss ombre. This is me about mixing one shade of shadows with another, smoothly blending into each other from light to dark.

Eye makeup for February 14

I used the colored eyeshadows from the Urban Decay Electric Pressed Pigment Palette and the black from the Urban Decay Vice4 Eyeshadow Palette.

I used Pupa kayal to create the shape and stretch the color. Do you want the same? You can’t do without a pencil. The main thing is that it is not waterproof, as they quickly set and shading is problematic.

And with a flat lip brush, you can create smooth transitions. The main thing is to work with pulling movements downward, “grasping” the boundaries of the pencil. A beginner’s mistake is to shade the entire pencil, which deprives the eye makeup of depth.

After you have worked with your pencil brush, start filling with color. You can choose the shades at your discretion, my task is to show you my version, on the example of which you can create your own makeup.

Step by step lesson

As you can see, the high pigmentation of the shadows only suits me, you can see all the transitions. Therefore, I recommend using just such. That’s why I fell in love with the Electric palette. I recommend to make-up artists who will regret it when she disappears from the stores, after all, the limit. She is really cool and loved by me for 2 years!


That’s all for me. I went on to create! Next in line is daytime makeup at your request. In the meantime, you “rehearse” my valentine)! By the way, how do you like this makeup idea for February 14?