Valeri-D brushes for applying shadows – review, photo, description


Valeri-D brushes

Every second makeup artist posts photos “my faithful brush-friends”, showing them to their subscribers. And do you know what I noticed? Among these “friends” you rarely meet those from Russia. Basically, these are the brushes of Hakuhodo, Zoeva, MAC and random 2-3 pieces of Valeri-D, which no one pays attention to. But in vain …

Valeri-D brushes

Let’s abstract from “Made in Russia” and take a look at the Valeri-D brushes through the eyes of Hakuhodo fans. The same handles, also fastening, even the inscription is not in Russian.


Some have squirrel pile, others have imitation squirrels, and still others have ponies.

But manufacturers do not consider it necessary to indicate the numbers for each of them, so somewhere they are, and somewhere they are not, which I think is a big disadvantage of the Valeri-D brushes.

Valeri-D Eyeshadow Brushes

Blending brushes are the most popular! They help create that very haze without wasting time. You can live without them if you are not fond of shading and ignore eye makeup. For the rest, I highly recommend paying attention to the Valeri-D brushes.

I have only five pieces and they are all different in shape and pile.

Valeri-D brushes

Valerie-D V – 081 (pile: imitation squirrel)

I prefer to blend with it, rather than apply shadows. Ideal for highly pigmented matte eyeshadow that is a danger to eye makeup when it comes to soft and smooth blending. Thanks to her, I apply shadows in the crease and gently blend the remaining color to the temple.

Brushes Valerie-D

Valeri-D 5M-2130 (pile: squirrel)

If you need thin lines with shading, then Valerie-D 5M-2130 is for you. Its shape is ideal for working out the crease of the eyelid when you want to highlight it with a darker shadow color without fear of it being under the brow. The diameter of the brush will prevent this and will keep the shading clean in the place you want.

Eyeshadow brush

Valerie-D 5M-213DO (squirrel)

If the previous brush seemed too thin and narrowed to you, then this option should interest you more. The brush will allow you to go a little beyond the crease of the eyelid and blend the shadows along the fixed part. And the squirrel pile will help in working with the same highly pigmented eyeshadows.

Blending brush

Valeri-D 8m-8230 (pile: goat)

This brush will handle any lightly pigmented shadows that you can’t expect to get the color out of! Thanks to the cruel bristle, you will achieve bright and rich transitions that no squirrel brush can give you. I usually work with it in the crease of the eyelid, where the maximum color intensity is required.

Valeri-D brushes

Valerie-D 7M713DO

And the last, my favorite brush, which does not fan out when shading, but keeps its shape to the last. Thanks to this feature, with it, you can achieve smooth transitions in shading several shades of shadows at once.

Valeri-D brushes

All Valeri-D brushes have a very delicate bristle (except goat, which is natural).

Neither before nor after washing, the brushes do not climb, although I expected this from them in view of the inexpensive cost.

I regret that I did not buy them earlier, although then the dollar rate allowed buying Hakuhodo brushes, which I also do not regret buying.

I absolutely don’t care what letters are on the pens, where they come from, the main thing is quality. So I hunt for him all my life!)

And what are you hunting for: a name or a quality? Your preference for eye shadow brushes.