Where to look for inspiration for a makeup artist: address, contacts, phone number


Where to look for inspiration for a makeup artist

Want to know where to look for makeup artist inspiration? After all, this is the most popular question that starts every second interview with eminent makeup artists.

“Where to look for inspiration for a makeup artist? At what address is it located and how to arrange a meeting with it? ” – questions asked by experienced craftsmen. Why not beginners? Because they are just fine with this feeling. The feeling of novelty does not allow them to lose it and they see inspiration in everything. It is much more difficult with experienced makeup artists who have passed the stage of falling in love with their profession and lose their desire to create …

Where to look for inspiration for a makeup artist

  • The first ones really have it at the address where museums, art galleries, exhibitions – everything that can be contemplated – “stand”.
  • For the second, these are the accounts of other makeup artists in social networks.
  • Still others read the “10 Ways to Find Inspiration” books
  • And the fourth – it is Google and the requests “Inspiration! Where are you at all? “

Where to look for inspiration for a makeup artist

Where I Look For Inspiration

I am inspired by neither one nor the other. Do you know what? People who work hard and never complain. Then I realize how little I am doing and that I can do even more!

The main thing is not to be around those who are always whining and complaining about the lack of inspiration! Next to them, you have every chance of losing the desire to create. They are your brake. Unbeknownst to yourself, you will become as lost and dissatisfied as they are. You need a purposeful person next to you with incredible willpower!

  • It doesn’t matter in what area you find “your” workaholic. Be it a rock climber, conquering the rocks from day to day, and during the breaks practicing! The main thing is to find someone with whom you feel how negligible you are doing!

Where do you think the makeup artist should look for inspiration?