27 August 2021


What do travel bloggers usually write about their travels? I’m new to this business, but I want to break out of this status in the near future. Therefore, do not swear if the article about Fethiye turns out to be not as verified as my posts on cosmetics.

It was in Turkey. In the previous post “How not to get better in Turkey, where all inclusive: my vacation in Fethiye,” I talked about what prompted me to vacation in Fethiye. This is such a cozy town with its own delights. Like all regions of Turkey, it belongs to the tourist area, therefore there are hotels at every step, and where they do not exist yet, they will be in the future.


In the past, Fethiye was the cultural center of the ancient world. This fact is confirmed by numerous carved rock tombs, as well as stone steles with inscriptions in Lycian, Aramaic and Greek.

Therefore, the “Lycian Tombs” are a must-see. Are you not interested in looking at the buildings of the IV century BC ?!

Not far from them you will find Fethiye Castle. The appearance is poor. Therefore, if you go there just because of the castle, you will be deeply disappointed. The only thing that can smooth this trip is the panoramic view that opens from the top of the castle on Fethiye.


Many are surprised by these facts, perceiving Fethiye as one of the port cities and even have no idea that history surrounds them.

We stayed at one of the hotels, where we spent two weeks of an unforgettable vacation. Every evening we walked along the coast, trying to remember it as we saw it for the first time. Well, that’s why it’s always like this – the first impression is the strongest ?! I want it to appear at every encounter with the sea. On the second day you get used to his presence. It stops worrying you like at the very beginning of your vacation. And only the photos will remind you of the first meeting with him and of the days spent in this mysterious and atmospheric city of Fethiye …

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