Arrows for overhanging eyelids using star makeup as an example


Arrows for the impending century - how to draw

As a practicing makeup artist, I am very often asked the question of how to make arrows for heavily overhanging eyelids. And just the other day I decided, why not tell you how to draw arrows for such an eye shape on a blog.

To show you the arrows for the heavily overhanging eyelids, I need illustrative photos. As an example, I took a photo with difficult people, but with Hollywood stars. So I thought it would be much more interesting for you to see how celebrity makeup artists solve this issue.

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You will see both the worst and the best options. And we will start with those whose arrows for strongly overhanging eyelids I want to repeat.

Good examples of arrows for heavily overhanging eyelids


First example of an arrow for the impending century, like Jennifer Lawrence.

Arrows for heavily overhanging eyelids

The make-up artist resorted to a trick and created the illusion of an “open” eyelid using an arrow, the line of which is a continuation of the upper eyelid fold.

To repeat this makeup, draw arrows with an open eye. Find the top crease and continue the line with the eyeliner. Then connect it with a line from the outer corner of the eye.



Camille Belle’s case tells us the importance of the ponytail.

Arrows for heavily overhanging eyelids

In this example, it will be sufficient to draw the tail of the arrow where the fold of the upper eyelid ends without unnecessary preludes: “First, draw a line from the inner corner of the eye to the outer one … and blah blah blah). Let’s be honest ?! No one will appreciate your lines, which simply will not be visible, so why not create the illusion that they are there?

Just take your eyeliner or eyeliner and draw the tip of the arrow where the upper eyelid crease ends.



Another way is a thickly drawn arrow from the inner corner of the eye, like in Jessica Biel, but without a pronounced tail.

Arrows for heavily overhanging eyelids

Remember that visually such an arrow reduces the eyes, so if you have small eyes, it is better to avoid a thickly drawn line or compensate for it with tilted beams.



One of my favorite options is the “understated” arrow.

Arrows for heavily overhanging eyelids

The main thing is to monitor its tail thickness and not get carried away by the length of the arrow.


Poorly Drawn Arrows

Oddly enough, but it is Rachel Bilson who has the most examples of unsuccessful makeup.

1. Arrows – wormswhere the main problem is the ponytails.

Arrows for heavily overhanging eyelids

2. Wide arrows

In this case, they make the look heavier, and I would say that they age by 5 years for sure.

Arrows for heavily overhanging eyelids

3. Connection of the lower connection to the upper

True, in this case, everything is not so deplorable, but in life I often meet when girls connect the lower eyeliner with the upper one, achieving the effect of “lowered” corners of the eyes.

Arrows for heavily overhanging eyelids


4. Lowered arrows

A common mistake is thick, downward-looking ponytails!

Arrows for heavily overhanging eyelids

And finally, an example for absolutely any eye shape, how not to draw arrows.

In front of you mirrored arrow. That is, it thickens not towards the outer corner of the eye, but towards its center.

Arrows for heavily overhanging eyelids

I have considered the most common arrows for overhanging eyelids, so feel free to start drawing arrows and do not forget about these examples to avoid mistakes!)

And next time we will talk about smoky eyes for the impending century!