28 August 2021

Blush Tarte Amazonian Clay

When I found out that the Tarte Amazonian Clay blush is the bestseller of the Tarte Cosmetics brand, I wondered why they fell in love with them? After all, no product just becomes a bestseller.

Description blush Tarte Amazonian Clay

The Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Blush is about cheap plastic. Don’t count on pretty designs that are pleasing to the eye.


But what you see inside will cause an easy orgasm. Incredibly beautiful embossing with an equally beautiful shade will make a strong impression on you.

Blush Tarte Amazonian Clay

If you take a closer look at the blush, you will see the presence of a large golden shimmer.

Blush Tarte Amazonian Clay

For me personally, it was the large shimmer that became the disadvantage of these blush.

Blush Tarte Amazonian Clay

When applied, it crumbles, and what remains on the cheeks looks a little intrusive due to the size of the glitter. I prefer blush without a shimmer, and if it is already there, then let it hold on, and not crumble on the T-shirt.


If we abstract from the shimmer and focus on the quality of the blush themselves, then surprisingly the pros make you forget about it:

  • blush is not dusty
  • excellent stew
  • persistent
  • easily layered
  • medium pigmentation, which allows you to control the color saturation

Conclusion: I cannot say, like all other bloggers, that Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Blush is a unique product that is difficult to live without. To be honest, I still do not understand what exactly is its uniqueness? Perhaps embossing distracts their attention from the most important thing – quality?

And can you answer me this question if you already have them? And if not, then let’s try to understand together why they are so loved …?