28 August 2021

Eyeliner brushes ZOEVA

Recently I got the ZOEVA eyeliner brush. And not one, but two at once: ZOEVA 312 Detail Liner Eye brush and ZOEVA 315 Fine Liner Eye brush. What they are, you will learn from the review.

Each brush brand improvises in its own way, creating exclusive brush styles. The ZOEVA eyeliner brush also differed in several ways, and here are how …

Description of ZOEVA eyeliner brushes

The quality of the arrows depends on the eyeliner brush… Unfortunately, not everyone attaches importance to this, which is why they suffer from uneven arrows for many years to come. But as soon as understanding comes, interest in eyeliner brushes awakens.

ZOEVA 315 Fine Liner Eye brush

If you pay attention to the ZOEVA 315 Fine Liner Eye brush, then you should not be intimidated by its shape.… Trust me, this is one of the best curved brushes out there. You can easily determine the angle of the arrow by applying a brush to the outer corner of the eye.

Therefore, I consider it necessary for those who are just learning to draw arrows. With it, it will be easier for you to understand how long and at what angle the line should be.

As for the pile, it is very tightly packed, but at the same time does not “scratch” the skin of the eyelids. Considering that I wash it after every make-up, not a single hair has yet been seen in the spaces of the sink.

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ZOEVA 315 Fine Liner Brush

ZOEVA 315 Fine Liner Brush

ZOEVA 312 Detail Liner Eye brush

The brush is not the best, and here’s why. Due to the fact that the pile is long and not tightly typed, the brush bends under pressure and does not show a clear line. So I can’t work with her when it comes to gel eyeliner. It requires an elastic pile, which is very tightly typed, otherwise I will not see clear arrows without bald spots.

By the way, this is a problem for beginners when they use an improperly shaped gel eyeliner brush. Therefore, if you only use it, then I recommend paying attention to the brush parameters, which I wrote about above.

So what about the ZOEVA 312 Detail Liner Eye brush? Use for space between eyelashes. It perfectly paints the distance between the eyelashes without discomfort for the eyes.

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ZOEVA 312 Detail Liner Brush

ZOEVA 312 Detail Liner Brush

The ZOEVA eyeliner brush is a lottery. If you buy them blindly, like me, it will be very difficult to know how good or bad it is. Therefore, be guided by reviews on the Internet and only after that make your choice.