28 August 2021

Golden Globe Awards - Best Star Makeup

Today we are compensating for the unsuccessful makeup of the stars at the Golden Globe Awards at the expense of those makeup artists who are not ashamed to say that this is their job!

Makeup stars at the Golden Globe Awards

Allison Williams was damn lucky with a makeup artist, namely Gianpaolo Ceciliato, who not only skillfully used the foundation, but also correctly matched her skin type!

Ceciliato share a secret:

“First I applied Giorgio Armani Maestro Foundation # 5 under the eyes and forehead, and then darkened the hairline, chin, cheekbones using the same foundation, but in shade # 5.5.

The final touch is to accentuate the cheekbones with Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer # 11, diluted with foundation. ”

Golden Globe Awards - Best Star Makeup

In the case of Felicity Jones, this is an incredibly neat Smokey Ice.

Competent shading, a skillfully drawn lower eyelid and perfectly colored eyelashes! As for the lips, the choice fell on Rouge Dior Lipstick in Plisse Soleil.

  Best star makeup

Another version of smoky, but already in brown and gold tones, it is in perfect harmony with the image of Jessica Chastain. For eye makeup, the YSL Couture Palette – Afrique was used.

Golden Globe Awards - Best Star Makeup

Emma Stone is one of the iconic makeup options for the impending century. I used a Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof – Black Shimmer pencil as an eyeliner.

  Best star makeup

Despite the illusion of Keira Knightley’s easily painted lips, in reality everything turned out to be much more complicated.

Kate Lee (Kira’s makeup artist) says:

  • I applied a thick layer of Chanel Hydra Beauty Nourishing Lip Care
  • removed the excess with a napkin
  • applied lipstick Chanel Rouge Coco Ultra Hydrating Lip Color in Etienne
  • dabbed her lips with a napkin in order to muffle the shade
  • brushed the edges of the lips with sheer powder to smooth out the defined contour and achieve a naturally tinted lip effect

Golden Globe Awards - Best Star Makeup


It’s amazing that the stars with successful makeup at the Golden Globe Awards have the names of the makeup artists and the list of products they used. And for those who are less fortunate, we have heard neither their names, nor brands of cosmetics, absolutely nothing! That says a lot, what do you think?