28 August 2021

Hakuichi Kinka Gold Powder

Powder with gold particles Hakuichi Kinka Gold Powder is about nano cosmetics that use a nanocolloid of gold and silver. They can be found in Hakuichi beauty and makeup products.

The Japanese brand Hakuichi is one of the first, whose cosmetics have particles of gold and silver. The Japanese have long come to the idea that gold is a source of youth for the skin of the face. Therefore, in all sorts of ways they are trying to introduce it not only into care cosmetics, but also decorative ones.

One of them is Hakuichi Kinka Gold Powder.


The powder has a fairly fine grinding and gold particles are really visible in it.

Hakuichi Kinka Gold Powder

It is true for me that gold is, that its absence does not matter if there is no result.

Face powder

Therefore, when I decided to apply the powder on my naked face, I did not notice any changes either in the complexion or in the action. The description says that the powder with gold particles masks skin imperfections.

Hakuichi Kinka Gold Powder

Then I applied Hakuichi Kinka Gold Powder over the foundation, as I saw how thin a layer of powder can be. She did not emphasize either dryness or peeling, it seems as if she is not, but at the same time she is. Therefore, this option is ideal for fixing the makeup of dry and dehydrated skin.

Hakuichi Kinka Gold Powder

The issue of application is controversial. On the one hand, the puff gives off the minimum amount of product, which sometimes you want to apply a little more. On the other hand, if you pick up the powder with a brush, then the whole face will be in solid particles of gold. Therefore, this option – the use of a “native” puff is the only way to apply it.

Hakuichi Kinka Gold Powder


Of course, I would like to believe in gold and in the miracle of the ability of this product, but he coped with his main task, which is already good.

In general, the Japanese brand Hakuichi is primarily about skin care. In the composition, you can find natural ingredients that saturate the skin with the necessary substances and a high content of vitamin E, which accelerates the removal of toxins from the skin.