Home skin care

I think the article “Taking care of your skin at home” will be one of the most talked about this month. After all, it will be about my 10 years of experience and about the means that do everything possible for her …

Home skin care

1. My skin type

Home skin care

I have already told in the blog that I have very, that’s very straight, dry skin. I think it is not worth writing about the fact that I drink little water, I do not have enough vitamins, etc., I have already gone through this for a long time and more than once.

2. Transitional age

Home skin care

There was that “terrible” age in my life when my face was covered with pimples. My actions? None. I just looked at them and waited for them to disappear from my “teenage” life. Two years later, it happened and I tried hard with them forever.

3. My first face cream

Home skin care

Who remembers the Mia brand, created especially for teenage skin? I remember! After all, the line “for dry skin type” delighted me until it disappeared from the shelves.

Mia face cream

This is the only cream that really moisturizes and was pleasant to use: no greasy film, fast absorption and excellent results. Mia come back!

4. Seeking skin care

My Daily Skincare Routine, cream for dry skin, reviews

Only mom knows how much money was spent to make her daughter happy!) These were creams from both the mass market and luxury categories. But they all caused allergies that I didn’t know existed until the MIA brand disappeared.

All allergies were accompanied by terrible peeling, from which neither scrubs, nor masks, or anything, helped to get rid of.

Home skin care

Therefore, one day I freaked out and bought a regular baby cream… He solved all my problems in just a couple of weeks!

Baby face cream

No allergies, no peeling, but only a healthy complexion. During this period, I experienced a considerable number of sidelong glances and judgmental conversations when it came to my departure.

As a result, I decided to keep silent rather than share my experience. And if they ask, then answer: “Yes … some kind of cream there, I don’t remember exactly.”

5. How has the emergence of a beauty blog influenced my skin care

Home skin care

The whole truth was revealed when the blog appeared and I could no longer be silent. Many of you began interrogating me like in a torture chamber and demanded an immediate confession: “I quickly said what kind of cream you are using!”.

And I gave up, after which the conversations, which I had so diligently avoided all these years, resumed.

6. Adult life

My Daily Skincare Routine, cream for dry skin, reviews

Under this pressure, I started looking again and found a cream Embryolisse Concentrated Lait-Creme Concentre“Which did a great job of moisturizing the skin until the cold weather set in. With them, the history of non-passing peeling returned.

True Embryolisse is not completely gone from my life. It is in my makeup artist case.

Embryolisse Concentrated Lait-Creme Concentre

Then I got my hands on the updated line of Angelica Revitalizing moisturizing cream “Crème Radieuse – Angélique de L’Occitane”.

It was with him that I found myself on the way. I am happy as a child that I finally have a cream “for adults”! I won’t have to listen to stories that my skin deserves more.

Angelika Vivifying hydration "Crème Radieuse - Angélique de L'Occitane

With the onset of cold weather, it continues to delight the skin, moisturizing it 100%!

Home skin care

And now the phrase sounds:

“Hello, my name is Olga Blik. I am 28 years old and I use an “adult” face cream.

Home skin care

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