28 August 2021

How to shade eyeliner without skill and experience, you will learn from today’s step-by-step lesson.

Let’s say you bought a cool kayalbut no idea how to blend the eyeliner. In fact, everything is very simple and easy if you repeat the pattern you saw and do not improvise. Improvisation is, of course, great, but only after you master the skill of shading a pencil.

How to blend eyeliner

Pencils are permanent and not permanent. Eye makeup depends on what kind of pencil you have. If it is persistent, then you can skip the stage with fixing the shadows on top of the pencil, and, on the contrary, an unstable pencil will require this stage from you, because it will prolong the durability of the eye makeup.

I will show the second option with a pencil, which turned out to be not persistent, since most of them have problems with this particular type of product.

In order to shade the eyeliner we need:

  • Pencil
  • Angled pencil blending brush
  • Black matte or pearlescent shadows
  • Pencil brush for creating a fuzzy arrow with soft lines

Step-by-step pencil shading scheme

  • Draw a line from which our arrow will “grow”
  • We sketch with a pencil and do not rush to apply a pencil perfectly the first time. This is the task of the brush.
  • The beveled brush “picks up” the corner of the arrow and pulls it to the temple, thereby softening the lines.
  • And the pencil brush duplicates the arrow, covering it with black eye shadow.
  • Apply pearlescent shadows to the entire movable eyelid.
  • Makeup with a shaded pencil is ready!

How to blend eyeliner

Tips on how to blend eyeliner:

  • Determine the thickness and direction of the arrow before you start drawing it with a pencil.
  • If you don’t have a permanent pencil, you can do the same with a gel liner.
  • For a complete make-up, you can choose any light shade of eyeshadow, which will serve as the base color, in this case, it was the eyeshadow Pupa Sporty Chic Graphic Eyeshadow Palette in the shade “Fun Graphic”.

I hope I was able to answer the question: how to shade eyeliner. Now you can easily repeat the makeup you saw!)