28 August 2021

Hair tie Invisibobble

The Invisibobble hair tie has literally taken over the world. With its help, the tail is collected, and in between, it is on the wrist. Why you don’t want to part with it, but buy more and more new colors, you will learn from the review.

The history of the brand of hair tie Invisibobble

As a child, I loved to chat on the phone for the sake of one feeling – to feel like an adult. And in my hands there was always a cord from the telephone receiver, which I did not release until the end of the conversation. Who would have thought that this particular cord would end up on my hair after so many years ?!

It was he who saved Sophie, the founder of the brand, from constant headaches. They pursued her throughout her university studies.


And if not for Sophie’s accidental impulse – to take the cord from the old phone and wrap it in a ponytail, the world would never have seen the Invisibobble hair tie.

In 2012, the first batch of hair bands appeared in Germany. A year later, Invisibobble entered the international market. You already know what happened next – they became irreplaceable.

Hair tie Invisibobble

Manufacturers assure us that this is the world’s first hair tie that does not harm them. Is it so?

Hair tie Invisibobble

General impression

Definitely. After loosening my hair, I do not feel the relief I do after removing a regular hair tie.

I cannot say that she does not pull out her hair at all, sometimes they remain on her, but obviously not in the same amount as on a regular hair tie.

How relevant is Invisibobble in life? Depends on the image. You will not be able to collect a tight tail with it. She keeps her hair at half strength, but at the same time does not allow her hairstyle to fall apart. Therefore, I like to use it at home, when my hair gets in the way of my own business.


Anyway, I’m wondering what Carrie from Sex and the City would say about Invisibobble?

In one of the episodes, she proves to her lover that no woman in New York will allow herself to wear a velvet elastic band on her hair. Later it turns out that its owner came from the suburbs, and the rubber band is a sign that she is not local.

Sex and the city

I’m sure Carrie would be against the Invisibobble hair tie if it was a business meeting in the office. In other cases, it is a useful accessory that will relieve you of the feeling of a “tight” head. Personally, I suffer from common rubber bands, due to which I can not only have a headache, but the hair roots.