28 August 2021

Dose of Colors Lip Gloss

Dose of Colors Lip Gloss is more popular than ever. Why he suddenly became so in demand, let’s try to figure it out.

Description of Dose of Colors Lip Gloss

The Dose of Colors brand is famous for its liquid matte lipsticks, which I covered here and here. But I was not familiar with their glitters. And if not for their frequent flashing in the Instagram feed, then who knows when I would have tested them.


Outwardly, this is the most common lip gloss in a plastic tube. The packaging can hardly be called exclusive.

Dose of Colors Lip Gloss

But when I opened the package, I realized that it was about the nuclear shade of gloss.


The sponge at the Dose of Colors Lip Gloss was not as comfortable as I thought: it is quite dense and flat, so it remains when applying bald spots. The gloss is uneven and requires several strokes.

Dose of Colors Lip Gloss

The shade is in the spirit of Barbie, so be careful with it. The brighter the color of the lips, the more closely monitoring the behavior of the gloss throughout the day.

Dose of Colors Lip Gloss

Swatch shows how pigmented the color is. But here’s what is surprising: despite its brightness, the gloss falls unevenly. Perhaps it’s the sponge, which I wrote about above, or the texture itself.


Overall Glitter Impression in Wild Child

  • saturated color
  • high pigmentation
  • incredible stamina


  • after the gloss “leaves” the lips, a rich pigment remains
  • without special makeup remover pigment will not fade from lips

Well, and the final photo, where I am in the form of a pretentious and arrogant “chiki”). Still, the shine is pink!)

Dose of Colors Lip Gloss

Dose of Colors Lip Gloss one of the most persistent and whimsical lip gloss at the same time. Why can’t I tell you how much you need it and whether you need it at all? Still, the issue with the application has not been resolved, and this, you yourself understand, leaves a sediment, although it is insignificant.