28 August 2021

Maybelline Colorama Lip Gloss

Maybelline Colorama Lip Gloss is another way to avoid overpaying for lip glosses, and here’s why …

Before we start talking about the pros and cons of Maybelline Colorama Lip Gloss, it is worth considering its price – about 200 rubles, which means that we are dealing with a mass market. Therefore, I consider it unfair to demand from a budget product the qualities inherent in luxury, do you agree?

The gloss itself is of two types: in a tube and with a sponge. I have both formats. At first I was sure of the identity of their “behavior”, but after a week of active testing I was surprised at how different they were in their characteristics.

Glitter in a tube

  • thick and viscous
  • sticky enough
  • persistent (withstands a couple of glasses of water)
  • moisturizing lips

Maybelline Colorama Lip Gloss

But depending on the color, his behavior changes and he can:

  • wrinkle
  • go beyond lip contour
  • look untidy

Maybelline Colorama Lip Gloss

  • less sticky
  • without pronounced sparkles
  • pleasantly moisturizes lips
  • comfortable to wear
  • flows into the folds of the lips

Lip gloss

* I did not publish photos with swatches on my hand and on my lips, as both colors look absolutely transparent.

Output: both shine have a place to be. They are united by quality, which fully justifies its price. But if I choose between them, then I prefer the second option – a gloss with a sponge – as it is less problematic in application and in “sock”.