28 August 2021

Perfect CC-cream

As I have already told in the review of the Loksitan “Peony” collection, we have expanded the line of products, complementing it with such a product as the Perfect CC-cream “Peony” L’occitane.

Perfect CC-cream

L’occitane’s Perfect Peony CC Cream is available in two shades: light and beige. What a meager palette? – I thought. But as soon as I remembered that I was dealing with CC-cream, the questions disappeared by themselves.


The shade is almost white. When CC-cream is applied, the pigment appears. But do not rush to conclusions, the pigment in the CC-cream is negligible, that you will not be able to hide the obvious skin imperfections. Therefore, giving preference to this type of cream, do not forget who you are dealing with.

Some consultants are misleading by recommending Peony Perfect CC-cream as an analogue of foundation.

Perfect CC-cream

Owners of CC-creams know how light and airy it is with the absence of a pronounced color, but with the presence of moisturizing components. It is an ideal replacement for day cream, which you do not want to apply due to the palpable texture without toning effect.

In general, I have a whole article dedicated to CC-cream, where I talk about the differences from BB-cream. Many people confuse them that in the end they make a mistake with the choice and, as a result, feel complete disappointment.

Mode of application

Apply CC Cream to cheeks, forehead and chin, and blend in circular motions from center to periphery using your fingertips, brush or sponge.

L’occitane Peony Perfect CC Cream is not capable of:

  • highlight wrinkles
  • make dry skin even drier
  • highlight peeling
  • hide skin imperfections

L’occitane’s Perfect Peony CC Cream is capable of:

  • protect from ultraviolet radiation
  • take care of the skin

Output: I use CC cream mainly on vacation when I need SPF treatment at the same time. And with this Perfect CC-cream does an excellent job!

Which CC creams do you prefer and how often do you use them?