28 August 2021

Protective nets for drying brushes

The Brush Guard was introduced a couple of years ago. Glory and success came to them in one day! But whether they are so necessary for a make-up artist and an ordinary user, you will learn from the review.

As soon as The Brush Guard appeared on the Internet, many began to write: “They also came up with covers for me … I could have created these too!”

And they are partly right. After all, this is the most primitive, but at the same time effective “gadget” for brushes, in which there is nothing unique in its manufacture.

What safety nets look like for drying brushes

Protective nets for drying brushes

Many people think that this is a regular mesh that can be purchased at any hardware store. But this is not the case. The mesh is made of a tough, more durable material. I have not seen analogues in any grocery store, but as soon as I see it, I will immediately let you know.

What is a brush drying mesh cover for?

It’s very simple – to keep the shape of the brushes. Due to the fact that the mesh tightly wraps around the pile, it does not lose its shape. This is essential for large-diameter brushes such as powder, blush, bronzer. The mesh returns them to the shape they were before the first use of the brush.

Description of the cases for drying and storage of brushes The Brush Guard

The Variety Pack consists of six differently shaped nets: from the largest to the smallest.

Protective nets for drying brushes

I found the right brush for each, even the smallest Zoeva 310 Spot Liner Brush.


The Zoeva 223 Petit Eye Blender Brush fits well into the case, but she doesn’t need it at all, since the shape of the bristles remained the same as before drying in the case.

Protective nets for drying brushes

But the ZOEVA 227 Soft Definer Brush has changed its shape. It has become more collected, which is why the work surface has changed. Now it is more convenient to work with the crease of the eyelid, so it has become more narrowed and not so fluffy.


The ZOEVA 142 Concealer and Buffer Brush is similar to a pencil brush without the need for a protective mesh to dry. It does not lose its shape, so there is no need for a case.

Protective nets for drying brushes

Blush brushes ZOEVA 128 Cream Cheek Brush the cover will definitely not be superfluous, so that individual hairs that can get disheveled during washing will come back to work!


The Zoeva Luxe Face Definer brush 101 is the one in dire need of a brush cover! With it, I see a dramatic difference between a dry brush with a mesh and without it.

Protective nets for drying brushes

General impression

At first, Not all 6 grids with different diameters have been found to be useful or necessary, especially those for very tiny brushes.

Secondly, in them you can and even need to dry the brushes that you want to give a certain shape – fluffy in the shape of the brush: for shading shadows, blush, powder.

Thirdly, the manufacturer offers meshes in sets designed for specific brush diameters (s, m, l), and not like mine, where a mix of different sizes is assembled.


I don’t see the point in such a set as mine, because some “sizes” did not meet my expectations. Only large safety nets make sense, as I wrote in the second paragraph. I recommend that you pay attention to them if you like to return the shape to the brushes, which they had before the first use. You can also live without these covers, really! Without them, nothing bad will happen to your brushes.