28 August 2021


Pupa Vamp Mascara and Pupa Vamp Definition Liner Liquid have taken over the world for a long time! Was mine captured? You will find out now.


Description of Pupa Mascara Vamp

The mascara promises the effect of false eyelashes due to the unusual brush, which has a curved shape and thick soft bristles. The brush captures the required amount of mascara and evenly colors each hair. Thanks to the rounded tip, the brush stains even hard-to-reach and short eyelashes.

Mascara Vamp has a rich, creamy texture. The mascara is formulated with natural, synthetic and plant waxes, and also contains Vamp! Full polymer, which affects the volume of the eyelashes. Also, this polymer is responsible for the formation of an imperceptible enveloping film on the hairs, which gives the lashes additional flexibility and softness and increases the durability of the mascara.

Overall impression of Pupa Vamp! Mascara Waterproof

Mascara Pupa Vamp

When I see a long and elongated package of mascara, it means one thing – there is the same long and rather big brush. And indeed, a big brush was waiting for me …

Mascara Pupa Vamp

But nevertheless, I managed to make up the eyelashes with it, while staining the upper eyelid a little. For this reason, I do not like large brushes.

As it turned out, this is the only drawback. Otherwise, the mascara separates perfectly (if you remove the excess from the mascara in advance, otherwise everything will turn out the other way around), creates volume and makes them noticeable to others.

Mascara Pupa Vamp

The mascara is not imprinted on the upper eyelid and does not crumble.

By the way, the second point is relevant for any mascara, from the mass market to luxury, if you like to apply 3-4 layers of mascara.

Remember, the thicker the layers, the more likely it will be under the eyes by the end of the day! These are the very surpluses that will “disappear” and you will not be asked.

Pupa Liquid Eyeliner

liquid eyeliner


The soft felt applicator ensures a neat and even application of the liner. Due to its liquid consistency, the eyeliner dries quickly. Unique carbon pigments in the composition of the product guarantee the drawn lines the most saturated color in one touch!

The Pupa Vamp range includes 6 ultra-glamorous eyeliner shades for a pearlescent or matte finish.

General impression

Great rich black! You will see this in the photo.

liquid eyeliner Pupa Vamp Definition Liner

But. The brush turned out to be too thick and from this the tail of the arrow is not so easy to pull out. In addition to its thickness, it is not bendable, but straight like a stick. All this complicates the drawing process and is not always satisfying. True to me, as a makeup artist, any eyeliner is within my power.

liquid eyeliner Pupa Vamp Definition Liner

I have already noticed with other brands that not everyone succeeds in creating a liquid eyeliner with a perfectly thin and neat felt tip. Why? Probably forgot to ask me again). But I would definitely solve this issue at the production stage).

How do you like these two Pupa Vamp products !?