28 August 2021

  Real Techniques Setting Brush

The Real Techniques Setting Brush is my old lady. Several years have passed since the purchase, and I even find it difficult to answer the exact question: how old is she? Hence my unbiased opinion on her account and desire to share it with you.

Description of Real Techniques Setting Brush

The brush is made of branded plastic, which does not change color over the years, and the letters do not erase. I don’t know how they did it, but it retained its original appearance. For a minute, I’m a makeup artist and all brushes use me very often and are cleaned daily.

Brush handle

The Real Techniques Setting Brush is known as:

  • accent brush, read for applying highlighter
  • to work out certain areas of the face (nasolabial folds, the area under the eyes)

  Real Techniques Setting Brush

Like all Real Techniques brushes, it is designed as for creamy and dry textures

It can be applied:

  • foundation (elaboration of certain areas of the face)
  • blush
  • highlighter
  • concealer

  Real Techniques Setting Brush

The brush is made of taklon, a synthetic material that makes it more wear-resistant. This is an important point so that the pile does not lose its qualities due to frequent use and washing.


Output: I would call this brush “Dedicated to all Real Techniques fans”. They will appreciate it. I can’t say that this brush is essential. But it’s nice to have it in your arsenal, but it’s useful for a makeup artist!)