28 August 2021

Beauty myths

The appearance of the book by Yana Zubtsova and Tiina Orasmäe-Meder entitled “Beauty Myths” shocked me! And only because …

none of them shouted about the creation and appearance of the book a few months before its release, and, did not expose regular photos with the hashtags #we_write_genius_book. And quietly and modestly, they published and published the first worthy book about beauty in the last 10 years. But this is all a preface, let’s go to the point.

Review of the book “Beauty Myths”

1. Design

Beauty myths

I confess that over the past 2-3 years I have not bought printed books. And not because electronic is cheaper, no, the reason is in their quality, or rather in blotter paper.

Don’t tell me that you don’t face this problem by going to any bookstore? Even books for 800 rubles. it’s unpleasant to hold it in your hands – the paper shines through, and I generally keep quiet about the gray color of the pages.

So, the book “Beauty Myths” surpassed all my expectations in terms of quality! Very thick paper, pure white, with a font that is pleasing to the eye. Even in spite of the paperback, it wins at this point – the book is comfortable to hold in your hands.

2. Relevance

Beauty myths

It is not news to anyone that the interest of women in beauty is increasing every year thanks to the Internet, the emergence of beauty bloggers, new resources about beauty, which give rise to more and more myths …

It is about them that the book “Beauty Myths” is discussed, where not a single myth remains a myth. Only facts, figures, clear answers without speculation. Therefore, the book came out on time as never before.

3. The uniqueness of the book “Beauty Myths”


The value of information is in its uniqueness. If it is not there, there is no interest. But this is not about Beauty Myths.

Personally, for myself, I found answers to those questions that I guessed, but my knowledge in cosmetology was not enough to reasonably answer the reader’s question: “Why do you never publish the composition of products?”. Now I can guide you: the answer in the first chapter on page 14.

4. Material availability


As you may have noticed, on the blog, I do not welcome formal communication between the author and the reader. I never create boundaries and do not make it clear “you are there, and I am here”. This attitude has always repulsed me in people and has never attracted me either in life or on the Internet. The same goes for books.

Despite being a respected cosmetologist, Tiina is very close to the reader throughout the book. As for Yana, her comments to each myth are short, but well-aimed, giving a certain vitality and atmosphere …

5. About the authors

Beauty myths

Tiiny Orasmäe-Meder – cosmetologist

Yana Zubtsova – journalist

6. To buy or not to buy the book “Beauty Myths”

Buy, of course. Better yet, give it to your beloved friend / sister / mom. The book is certainly worthy, interesting and informative. And this, today, is a rarity for books related to beauty.

Output: it’s always nice to see when collaborative creativity allows you to create and share your knowledge through a book. This source of information will never lose its power, but only gain it over the years.