28 August 2021

Wallenstein Garden

Continuing my stories about Prague, I cannot fail to show you one of the most interesting parks in terms of location and significance – Wallenstein Garden.

The story here is the same as with the Vrtba Garden, which is located in the city center and must be found in order to get inside.


True, the Wallenstein Garden gives out a huge white wall, along which you can orient yourself and sooner or later find the entrance.

What won me over the Wallenstein Garden

First, the comfort. Walking through the garden, you can find secluded places from which you do not want to leave.

Secondly, its history. Wallenstein Garden is one of the oldest gardens in the Czech capital. It was in the 17th century when Duke Albrecht Wallenstein decided to create this garden, which now houses the Senate of the Republic.

It is not surprising that the architecture of the garden is made in the Baroque style, because the best architects of Italy worked on it.

The park is divided into two unequal parts of a geometric shape. A swimming pool and a greenhouse were erected on its smaller part, a pond and a loggia were located on the larger part.

Wallenstein Garden


You can see a lot of goldfish here. Catching one of them will not work to make a wish, there are cameras and guards everywhere).

The attention of the majority is attracted by peacocks, which freely walk around the garden and are not at all afraid of people.

Wallenstein Garden

Some are hiding from cameras


while others openly pose,

Wallenstein Garden

still others are striking in their color, rather in its absence.


Such labyrinths always remind me of the 19th century, where couples in love walked, keeping their distance from each other.

A park

True, my image is far from the 19th century and once again reminds of the modern world …

Wallenstein Garden

Garden features

Particular attention is drawn to the wall with artificial stalactites. For me, she looks very natural. You can find her in the southern part of the park. Not everyone knows about its existence, and they do not pay attention when passing by. What is she here for? To create a contrast between what humans have created and the natural environment of the park.

Wallenstein Garden

There is a poultry house next to it, where you can see rare birds.

poultry house

Wallenstein Gardens are great for a photo shoot because you are surrounded by well-groomed grounds everywhere. True, there may be problems with silence, there are a lot of tourists here, so you need to catch the opportunity to make a couple of beautiful shots without people.

Wallenstein Garden

Wallenstein Garden is a great opportunity to plunge into the past to feel like a part of it.

  • Wallenstein Garden is located at: Letenská, 110 00 Praha 1
  • Works from 10-18h.
  • the entrance is free