29 August 2021

Shadow Chameleons

If you still don’t have chameleon shadows in your arsenal that change color on your eyes depending on the method of application, then this article is for you.

Many people underestimate chameleon shadows due to improper application.

All shades, regardless of brand, are revealed only in one case, if you use certain products before applying the chameleon shadows, and not after.

This is the eyeliner. It is he who will help convey all the beauty that the chameleon shadows have.

Shadow Chameleons

Acting as a base under the shadow, a black pencil will not only add saturation to the shade, but also allow you to change the color of the shadows beyond recognition.

Shadow Chameleons

Due to this, the color that is applied above the fold of the eyelid will differ significantly from that on the moving eyelid due to the presence of a substrate. This is how we achieve smooth and soft shading with one shade.


There are several types of chameleon shadows, but the most common is a brownish green on the verge of a red color, so to speak. If you do not understand what colors are in question, then please love and favor.

Popular chameleon shadows

Eye makeup

True, each of them has its own pros and cons.

Cream eyeshadow demanding to apply and blend, but the result is more glossy

Loose eyeshadows / pigments sufficiently bright and expressive in color and with them two methods of application are possible – dry and wet.

Shadows – the golden mean, with which there are least difficulties.


  • Only chameleon shadows combine 2-3 shades completely different in color.
  • Only they require a substrate for the “non-transferable” transitions from dark to light.
  • And only with him it is easy when it comes to shading.

Here are three reasons to fall in love with chameleon shadows.