5 myths about Paris – reality and expectations


Myths about Paris

Paris … It was he who became the reason why not only me, but also the blog went on vacation. Upon returning home, you asked me to write about my impressions, which I will continue to do now.

Expectations # 1

Paris is a culinary city

Myths about Paris


In Paris, I gained 2 kg. True, this is the first 2 kg in my life, which did not upset me! After all, I got tremendous pleasure from the baked goods that are sold not only in freestanding pastry shops, but also in supermarkets.

Tip: Don’t buy baked goods in tourist spots. Look for those pastry shops that are hidden from the eyes of tourists, where only the French themselves buy it.

Expectations # 12

Paris is stylishly dressed people

Myths about Paris


In 2 weeks in Paris, I met neat and stylishly dressed girls only a couple of times. Most of them wear a huge shaggy bun on their heads and face untouched by makeup, which makes them look tired and not fresh.

Tip: Look out for beauty salons and hairdressing salons, where the bulk of clients are men, not women. With them, everything is exactly the opposite, polished and well-groomed. The eye rejoices!

Expectations # 3

Paris is the best shopping in the world

Top myths about Paris


Paris is teeming with brand-name and high-end shops, as well as the Galeries Lafayette! Whether you are looking for a new collection of Michael Kors handbags or Armani blazers, this is the place for you.

At the same time, you can always find famous but affordable brands such as Zara, H&M, Esprit on the Champs Elysees.

Expectations # 4

Paris is a pretentious and arrogant French

Top myths about Paris


When you ask a passer-by with a question, they will smile at you and be sure to answer, and if they cannot help, they will be terribly upset. It is very touching …

Some will even chat with you for five minutes in pure French, as if they met an old acquaintance.

Expectations # 5

Paris is endless cafes where the French are ready to chat for hours “for life”

Myths about Paris


I don’t know what exactly they are talking about, but it is true that they start and end their day in a cafe.

Tip: if you want to feel like one of them, then be sure to go to the nearest cafe, grab a cup of coffee, sit cross-legged, and just watch how easily they communicate with each other.


“Everyone has their own Paris!” – I thought when I heard another story of a friend who saw him completely different and not the same as I saw him.

How do you see Paris?