Clarins limited box by GlamBox – reviews


Clarins Limited Edition Box

The Clarins limited box is the most anticipated box of this month and now I can see why!


The limited box of Clarins consists of 5 products and almost everything is about makeup.

Clarins Limited Edition Box

Clarins Wonder Perfect Mascara

Clarins wonder perfect mascara

I have already said more than once that the miniature of mascara saves not only money, but also nerves. After all, there is nothing worse than a frustrated woman who bought mascara, which did not live up to expectations!

Concentrate, smoothing wrinkles Clarins Lisse Minute.

Clarins Limited Edition Box

I never started using products that have the words “anti-wrinkle” in their description due to the fact that they fall into the hands of my mother.

Clarins Crayon Khol Pencil

Clarins Crayon Khol Pencil

Tell me, how many of you have never used eyeliner at least once in your life? I don’t think there are any. Therefore, eyeliners remain the most popular decorative cosmetics product.

Clarins Instant Concealer

Clarins Limited Edition Box

For a very long time I wanted to try this concealer, if only because it is compared with NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer! They are said to be identical in everything. If you are interested in a separate review, then let me know in the comments.

Clarins Instant Eye Make-Up Remover

Clarins Instant Eye Make-Up Remover, Reviews, Photos

I have always loved and will love to test novelties of “washes”, and what if this one is better than the one that was still yesterday? Therefore, I was sincerely delighted to see her in the lineup!


I think that if other brands agreed to cooperate with GlamBox and release similar limited boxes, the demand for them would grow every day! No one will give up 5 decorative products that cost much more than the Glambox box itself when we talk about full-size products.