29 August 2021

Collin Resultime Multi-Corrective CC Cream

Collin Resultime Multi-Corrective CC Cream is one of the most promising products in the CC cream category. And now I’ll tell you why.

If you go to the official website of the Collin Paris brand, you will see terrible numbers in the form of%!

It says that after applying this wonderful cream, 100% have shrunken and narrowed pores, and 100% have a smoother complexion.

Of course, I do not exclude the fact that the complexion may become better, but to make the pores smaller … Are you serious? Hence my skepticism prior to using Collin Resultime Multi-Corrective CC Cream.

Collin Resultime Multi-Corrective CC Cream

At first, it has a light and weightless texture.

Secondly, the color turned out to be dark for my fair skin, and it is available only in 2 shades: golden and natural.

Thirdly, it has the quality of moisturizing, so much so that the skin begins to shine after 5 minutes!

Therefore, the manufacturer got excited by pointing out “suitable for all skin types”. I’m scared to imagine what will happen to the owners of oily skin.

Seeing me with this cream on my face, my husband asked: “What is the effect of wet skin?”

Moreover, I cannot attribute this CC – cream to the summer season. Even for my dry skin, the hydration turned out to be excessive. Therefore, it is worth returning to him in winter and see how he will behave during this period of time.

You can observe all this in the photo from “before” and “after”

Collin Resultime Multi-Corrective CC Cream

I can’t say anything about the pores, since they are not pronounced for me, but nevertheless I did not notice that the cream emphasized them, and this also happens.

I think you will agree with me that this is another CC cream with properties that are difficult to notice, let alone feel. Nevertheless, for a cream intended for dry skin, it does its job.

Price: £ 35.50

What do you think CC-cream?