Cosmetics from beauty bloggers: TOP-4 brands


Cosmetics from beauty bloggers

Today, every second beauty blogger dreams of launching his own line of decorative cosmetics. True, for some, this dream remains a dream, while for others it becomes a reality.

Cosmetics from beauty bloggers

Wayne Goss Brushes

Cosmetics from beauty bloggers

As a 20-year-old, Wayne Goss developed facial skin problems. Since then, he has become interested in cosmetology.

During this time, he is fond of decorative cosmetics and opens his own channel on Youtube. A few years later, he releases his own brand Wayne Goss brushes, which does not go unnoticed both among subscribers and among makeup artists!

Beauty blogger Michelle Phan cosmetics

Michelle phan

For 8 years of running the channel, Michelle Phan has gathered around 6 million subscribers and 1 million views!

Not surprisingly, in 2013 Michelle decided to launch the Em-Cosmetics line of decorative cosmetics. Its advantage is in palettes and colors that can be changed and rearranged in places regardless of the purpose of the product, be it eyeshadow, blush or lipstick.

Beauty Blogger Makeup Geek

Cosmetics from beauty bloggers

The most charming girl on YouTube is the Makeup Geek. Since 2008, she has been captivating her subscribers and delighting in the quality of her products.

Despite the fact that they produce a full line of decorative cosmetics, they are wildly popular eyeshadows… They are evaluated and compared with the shades of famous brands and are given very high marks.

Sam + Nic Chapman Makeup Brushes

Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman

They are known all over the world, or rather the brand of brushes Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman

And it all started in 2008. Then they published their first video. Thanks to the tutorial videos, they were able to release a line of brushes with excellent quality while maintaining affordable prices. No blogger has yet managed to achieve such fame and popularity through their products as the Pixiwoo sisters.


Each of the listed brands of beauty bloggers deserves respect just because they took a chance and realized their dream.

It is not easy enough to decide to launch your own line, because today we – buyers have become very demanding of quality, which is no longer enough. We also want to receive aesthetic pleasure from the packaging, which will become the decoration of the cosmetic bag.

What cosmetics from beauty bloggers are closest to you?