29 August 2021

Pixi Beauty H2O SkinTint

Did you know there is Pixi Beauty H2O SkinTint? Despite the fact that the Pixi Beauty brand has been on the market for 10 years, created by make-up artist Petra, few people know about it. Perhaps they do not have enough advertising, and perhaps the funds themselves do not reach the level to be talked about.

Therefore, in order to exclude all possible options, let’s try to form our opinion on the Pixi Beauty H2O SkinTint foundation.

Pixi Beauty H2O SkinTint

The Pixi Beauty brand is not represented in Russia and to try it you will have to take a chance and buy blindly.

Pixi Beauty’s philosophy is to highlight natural beauty. Hence, the brand has a large assortment among the care line and a modest one among the decorative.

Therefore, the lightness and airiness of the textures, characteristic of the brand, have found their fans among lovers of “makeup without makeup”. You will not find dense and highly pigmented products at Pixi Beauty.

The uniqueness of Pixi Beauty H2O SkinTint cream is that it is gel-based, and this provides the following benefits:

  • light texture
  • quick shading
  • average coverage
  • humidification
  • tenacity

All this you can see in the photo “before” and “after”.

Pixi Beauty H2O SkinTint

* this summer I got a lot of freckles and from them it is possible to determine how well the cream covers them.

I would recommend this foundation to those who have:

  • no time for a thorough study of the skin
  • problems with shading the cream
  • not problem skin
  • dry skin type

I do not advise those who:

  • has oily skin type
  • prefers denser substrates with high camouflaging ability

I can’t say that this cream is as necessary as air, but it certainly won’t be superfluous because of the qualities that are inherent in Pixi Beauty.

Palette: 18 shades

Volume: 35 ml

Price: £ 21

How do you feel about gel-based foundations?