Highlighter – all types, features and application rules


Highlighter - types of highlighter, features and rules of application

Highlighter is a tool for creating the illusion of healthy and glowing skin from the inside out. How do you like this definition? For me, this is closer to life, because each of us dreams of just such a skin, and if it is not there, then decorative cosmetics will do it for us. And the highlighter is one of them.

But first, let’s figure out what types of face highlighter exist. Imagine the following picture – a store, you and a consultant.

Highlighter - all types, features and application rules

It is enough to say the word “highlighter”, standing in front of a consultant, and a list of unknown brands and unclear names will fall on you.

And when they ask you: “What kind of highlighter do you want: liquid, compact, creamy, crumbly?”

And so that no one ever takes you by surprise, remember that there are 4 types of highlighter:

  • Liquid
  • Creamy
  • Compact
  • Crumbly

And each of them has its own pros and cons.

Types of highlighters

1. Liquid Highlighter

Liquid Highlighter

The liquid look of the highlighter should only be used with foundation. If you only use powder, then this will not be possible. It will lie in one continuous spot that you cannot shade.

Highlighter types - liquid highlighter

Pupa Glow Obsession Liquid Highlighter

Liquid highlighter is best applied with a sponge, for example, Beauty Blender… This will make it fit tighter, the shading will turn out neater and you will not be able to make a “hole” in the tone.

2. Compact highlighter (Pressed Highlighter)

Compact highlighter (Pressed Highlighter)

The compact form of the highlighter is one of the most versatile and easy to use options. It can be applied both on foundation and on top of powder, although the result will be different.

Highlighter types - compact highlighter

Smart Girl Highlighter Incredible Hollywood – BelorDesign

A highlighter applied over the base will form a denser and more saturated layer, which looks cool in photo shoots. If it is applied over the powder, then it will be a “daytime” version with a neat glow of the skin.

3. Cream Highlighter

Cream Highlighter

The creamy highlighter is convenient because it can be applied with both a brush and fingers.

Highlighter Types - Cream Highlighter

Natasha Denona Diamond & Blush Palette # 01 Darya

It is easier to apply and blend with it, but the result is the same as with a liquid look. True, the rules of the game are the same, we apply the cream highlighter only on the tonal base, and not on top of the powder!

4. Loose highlighter (Pigment Highlighter)

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And the last look is a crumbly highlighter. As such, you can use any loose eyeshadow, pigments in a nude color or a little lighter than your skin tone.

Highlighter types - loose highlighter

MAC Pigment – Melon

I do not recommend buying a pure white pigment, as it can look unnatural in real life. And since the pigment has a more overt shine, it is better to apply it with a fan brush, it will avoid excessive shine.


Nobody forbids you to use shadows as a highlighter. There is a nude shade with a light mother-of-pearl in almost every eye shadow palette! Believe me, the result will be identical. So don’t worry about special tools if you want to save money!

What type of highlighter do you use?