29 August 2021

Holidays in Paris

What could be more beautiful than a vacation in Paris ?! – my husband and I thought and flew to France! Due to my long absence from the blog, many of you were ready to report my disappearance. And some even questioned the life of the blog itself. But fortunately, I didn’t disappear, and the blog took a short time out. Now he is in the waiting mode for new posts and stories about how my vacation in Paris went.

If you don’t follow me on Instagram, then you missed a few changes in my life.

At first, I went not alone, but with my husband and … Teddy. I already wrote on Instagram about the role he plays in my life.

You can watch his movements and stories here.

Secondly, I looked at beauty stores from the point of view of a blogger, not a makeup artist, so that I could then tell you a couple of cute stories and show you what they are – the famous MAC Pro – a professional store for makeup artists of the MAC Cosmetics, Parfums Caron and Sephora brands.

Thirdly, not only I felt the warmth of spring, but also my nose, which managed to burn out on the very first day of our stay.

And fourthly, I changed my image at the risk of my hair. Sitting at the chair, I just thought why I did it! Trusting a completely unfamiliar French hairdresser, not knowing what will come of it, is a very risky entertainment. But nothing happened! I was in awe of the hairstyle.

Something like this looked like my trip, the end of which many were waiting for to see and feel the pulse of the blog again and breathe a sigh of relief: “Well, finally, I’m back!”)