29 August 2021

How I did a bob-bob haircut with lengthening

Tell you about how I made a bob-bob haircut with lengthening? It was in Paris. We went to the mall for groceries.

Usually such shops are not included in the tourist program, but not here. We love to find local colorful shopping centers, where only our own. This allows us to immerse ourselves in the life of local people with their satisfied and not so faces, which you will not find on the Champs Elysees.

I also saw a hairdressing salon there. He, too, was exclusively for his own people. The master – a brutal husband with incredible charisma and charm – barely spoke English. The risk of getting the wrong haircut that I wanted increased dramatically.


I took a chance and explained on my fingers how long I want a haircut. Then I had long hair, for a minute, from which you could create anything!

a haircut

And so I sit satisfied with the release of a small amount of adrenaline and see what happens next. And then a bob-bob haircut with lengthening. This is exactly what I dreamed of. True, I did not expect that in two months she would be in such excellent shape. That’s how much time has passed since the haircut.

How I made a bob-bob haircut with lengthening from a French master

And now about how it was.

The first feature is that they cut my hair while standing.

When the master asked me to get up, I did not immediately understand why? It turned out that this is how it should be.

How I made a bob-bob haircut with lengthening

The second feature is speed

My guesses that it doesn’t matter how long they do makeup or cut your hair have been confirmed! It can be a boring 2 hours with 5 minutes that will disappoint you, or 20 minutes with 2 hours of work.

The latter include not only me, but also the hairdresser I chose. In literally 20 minutes, he cut his hair, straightened the length on both sides and walked with a typewriter.

How I did a bob-bob haircut with lengthening

The third feature is the ability to hear the client

He did everything exactly as I explained on the fingers. No less, no more. This surprised me.

Why our “Russian” hairdressers do not hear the client, who explains all his wishes in their native language, but in the end never knows what will turn out …

Bob Hairstyles and Haircuts, Haircut-Pri  Photo, for a round face.  Back and front view photo

The fourth feature is the result

I got my hair cut on the 20th of April. Today is June 22nd. 2 months have passed since then, and my friends are still sure that I evened the ends after cutting, because the styling looks perfect!

How I made a bob-bob haircut with lengthening

You can watch everything that I have listed in the video that I posted on Instagram.

There you can also watch other videos of how the hairstyle looks from the side)

Output: it was a great experience! The process itself and the result exceeded all my expectations. These are the impressions that stay with you for a long time and do not let go for a very long time.

And tomorrow I will show you how to style a bob-bob hairstyle in 5 minutes.