How to do nude makeup correctly – a step by step lesson


How to do nude makeup correctly

How to do nude makeup correctly? Is one of the popular questions. Many people complain that nude makeup looks inconspicuous. How to avoid this, you will learn from the article.

I will show you step by step how to do nude makeup correctly, but first, I will answer frequently asked questions about nude makeup.

Is nude makeup appropriate in everyday life?

Yes, no only with moderate use of sculpting blush, with their correct application and with a well-chosen shade. Then the sculpting of the face will look natural.

No, eIf your skin is not in its best condition, then this makeup option will draw even more attention to it. After all, we focus on healthy and clean skin.

What is required for nude makeup?

The foundation. Foundation with reflective particles. With a foundation like this, you will start to shine even before the highlighter is applied.

What should i avoid?

When using this type of makeup, try to avoid cold brown and gray shades, they can play a cruel joke with you, giving your face a painful look.

Who suits nude makeup

Almost everyone. On set, I very often do this makeup for models to create a “no makeup” effect. It is a safe bet and serves as a replacement for daytime makeup.

But. If you have a plump face, then it is worth drawing attention not only to the face, but also to the eyes, emphasizing them with the help of eyeliner or a saturated color of a pencil. And who wants to use this make-up option “in its pure form”, that is, the likelihood of “lost” eyes against the background of a full face.

How to do nude makeup correctly

Apply brown eyeshadow all over the movable eyelid with a flat brush.

Step by step lesson

Then blend the shadows with a fluffy brush, going beyond the crease of the movable eyelid.

Applying shadows

Line up the lower eyelid with the same shade.

Lower eyeliner

Despite the fact that I used a minimum of cosmetics, the result from “before” and “after” speaks for itself.

How to do nude makeup correctly

Now you know how to properly make nude makeup! The main thing is not to be afraid to use the minimum amount of makeup. The success of nude makeup in the use of light and weightless textures. There is no place for baking and similar techniques.

How do you feel about nude makeup in life?