29 August 2021

How to make Smoky Eyes correctly

Starting from adolescence, every second girl wonders how to make Smoky Eyes correctly.

No matter how old you are now, most people are still learning this shadowing technique just to learn how to make Smoky Eyes. And some even make the same mistakes, which they do not even suspect. Let’s talk about them.

How to make Smoky Eyes correctly

How to make Smoky Eyes correctly

If I write that any Smoky Eyes requires base under the shade, then I’ll ask for a sarcastic answer – Thank you, cap!

But do not rush to call “sarcasm”, because the base under the shadow for Smoky Eyes comes in several types.

The point is that Smoky Eyes is necessary substrate dark in color. With its help, you will achieve rich color, without which no Smoky Eyes are possible. If you apply shadows on a classic base under the shadows of a transparent color, then do not be surprised by the faded Smokey Ice.

Smokey ice

After you apply the base, be sure to dry the fixed part of the eyelid and brow space. powder highlighter

  • Ignoring this rule risks smooth feathering. Dry shadows applied on top of cream ones tend to stick, which then no brush can cope with the spots.

The task of the powder is to prepare the eyelid for dark shades, which will easily “enter” the skin color.

Smokey ice

Using a flat brush to feather the shadows is a bad idea.

  • The fluffy brush is Smoky Eyes’ best friend. With it, you will achieve the perfect study of the crease of the eyelid, on which the accuracy of eye makeup depends!

Don’t skimp on brushes when it comes to Smokey Ice. Article “Smokey Ice Eye Makeup Brushes”Will help you make the right choice.

Smokey ice

If you are just learning how to make Smoky Eyes, then start with satin, not matte textures.

  • As a rule, satin shadows are easier to blend and blend with each other, so you can achieve the perfect “haze”. Matte shadows require skill and ability to use them correctly.

How to make Smoky Eyes correctly

Control your brush pressure! Never press down on the brush, no matter what it is intended for.

  • You have no idea how easy it is to apply eye shadow. To do this, just grab the brush by the tip of the handle.

Remember one simple rule: the closer you hold the brush to the base of the brush, the stronger the pressure, and vice versa.


Agree that at first glance, the mistakes seem obvious. But most of them allow not because of lack of knowledge, but because of uncontrolled movements. To make Smoky Eyes correctly, you need to be aware of your every action and then the result will not keep you waiting!